Sony Financials Show Net Loss Of $124 Million For Last Quarter, Vita Sales Revised Again

Sony’s latest financials have rolled in, with the last quarter figures released this morning. The corporation as a whole made $22,000 million in sales, with an operating income of $534 million and a hefty net loss of $124 million.

With regards to the PlayStation gaming division, hardware sales were $3,000 million, with an operating income of $53 million.


Sony continue to lump the PS3 and PS2 together, and the PS Vita and PSP together, so it’s tricky to see how the individual consoles are selling. However, Sony have revised the number of PSP/Vitas they plan to sell for the next financial year down to just 7 million.

That’s less than half what they originally predicted. The report says “the slow penetration of the PlayStation Vita portable entertainment platform [and the shrinking market for compact cameras] are recognized as particularly important issues”.

“Sony is working to expand sales and operating income through the introduction of an attractive software lineup and through offering game software on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets,” it says, suggesting that the company may well be branching out beyond the Vita soon.

It doesn’t look like Sony are planning to cut the price of the Vita.

Together the PS2 and PS3 sold 6.8 million units in the last quarter, and the PS Vita (and PSP) combined shifted 2.7 million units.

Most other aspects of the business improved profits – it’s clear there’s a lot of R&D for the PS4 in there, and a relatively weak line-up of games for the last quarter should hopefully see something of a turnaround for the game division soon enough.



  1. Glad to see its kind of turning round, but I still find it hard how investors are sitting tight hoping its going to be all right. Hopefully the PS4 can help. Not surprised with the figures for Vita.

  2. Vita+PSP forecasts revised down from already revised down figures again, again?

    Doesn’t bode well for 3rd parties looking to invest in bigger budget Vita titles which need the install-base so their bean counters can sign off on projects.

    • It’s chicken and the egg situation.

      If more third party games were out then more people would buy it. Sony are keeping a steady stream of first party games coming out even if the second half of 2013 looks a bit light from them.

  3. I am surprised SONY has survived all the negative internet press over the years :-( It has just been relentless really & i dread the PS4 announcement now :-/ It could(LOL did i say ‘could’) give them even more negative press this year(EVEN IF ITS PERFECT!!!) :D + I didn’t want to say it but what the heck, before Microsoft entered the Gaming business i never heard any negative things about SONY so…(i will leave it there, you work out the rest) LoL:D

    • err, what? I can’t work out the rest good sir. Please explain.

      • I believe we need to use our tame translator, some say that he believes that France is not a country but a word for surrender and that he is the only person in the world who can sit through a Uwe Boll film, all we know is that i may have been watching too much Top Gear of late.

      • If I were to guess, I’d say he means before Microsoft entered the console market there wasn’t a ‘serious’ American maufacturer for the largely US centric gaming ‘journos’ to rally around. People used to think Sony’s Japanese ways curious but endearing, now they just use them as an excuse to make Sony the whipping boy at every opportunity.

        It might not be a popular observation, but it’s prett accurate IMHO.

    • In the case of reporting on Sony’s own downward revision of forecasts which have already been revised downwards several times – I’d say that’s just reporting on things that happened.

      As to wider negative press in general… As to how badly Sony have got it wrong since the PS3 was on the drawing board just look at how the gaming division has performed.

      It had roughly a 75% share of the total gaming market, now it’s got a 50% share of the HD console market which is only a subset of total gaming market they used to have.
      And to get that massively reduced share they’ve made huuuuuge losses across their gaming division to the tune of about $5bn

      So it’s fair to say any article reporting on financials or Sony’s own ever decreasing forecasts is going to have negative connotations if it’s factual.

      What seems to be positive at the moment is the leaked PS4 specs, so as long as Sony don’t repeat the arrogant mistakes (next-gen doesn’t start until we say it does) & performance lies (powerful enough to run 2 games outputted to different displays at 1080p and 60fps) of the PS3 launch they shouldn’t be encumbered by the negative start the PS3 was faced with & Kaz does seem to be making headway across Sony as a whole so hopefully in the future, even articles which report on Sony forecasts & financials can be positive.

    • Add to the hilarious ramblings you typed (don’t worry, it kinda made sense) that we have a disproportionate number of Americans online (compared to many other populations) which means that the loyal and patriotic comments flow thick and fast. Ever-more passionate about home-grown products means that there’s more dislike of our Oriental brethren for the goods they’ve historically produced. Hell, even TV shows like Family Guy have picked up on this and make a joke about why “they’re doing better than us”.

      Go to a USA-centric video-game website and read the comments. They range from semi-decent to utterly disgraceful homophobia, racism with enormous amounts of hate towards anything and everything. It’s like football teams, religions, cars and everything else in the world.

      This is what I {drive/play games on/worship/etc} and it’s better than yours your {insert charming comment about one’s ethnicity and sexual conduct of close relative}.

      He who shouts loudest… meh.

    • Didn’t Sony release these figures themselves? So, does that mean Sony are being negative about Sony?! ;p

  4. Kaz Hirai stated at E3 that the Vita would incur a loss for Sony for about 3 years before they would make profit from the device. That’s how the business plans sometimes works with the gain coming from a further 4 years of sales + all licensing, publishing and merchandise profits across the seven year estimate life cycle. Undoubtedly the Vita hasn’t been doing as well as initially expected for Sony though.

  5. If the PS4 brings in good/interesting Vita integration (ie: as good or better than WiiU) then its possible the PS4 hype will carry Vita along with it for a while. Kids in EU unable to buy an (unreleased) PS4 for Christmas might just turn to Vita as a warmup for an early PS4 launch.

    This all depends on Sony getting the word out properly… So… Eeek.

  6. To be fair though it’s not just the Vita that’s having it’s sales forecast’s revised down, Nintendo doing it with Wii U, then you’ve likes of Capcom downgrading sales of the DMC reboot and Resident Evil 6.

    Vita situation been discussed in depth time and time again, not sure if it’s too late to ‘save’ as such.

    Think Sony really need to take a long hard look at the ever changing shape of the gaming industry, be more honest about what the hardware can deliver (please no concept footage for PS4), get effective marketing out there (just throwing money at something is’nt enough) and work with developers like Bethesda etc to unsure PS4 does’nt end up with worse versions in the early stages of it’s life.

    PS4 will need to offer everything the Next Xbox can do and more, PS+ has been a fantastic venture, build on that, rather than pour resources into things like Home.

    If they are going to push Move Mk2, Eyetoy MK3 and 3D TV gaming? then deliver killer apps, not just intersting tech demo’s.

    Have a shake up of your customer services as well Sony, when people phone with an issue, ensure they are dealt with in a professional and friendly manner, work with your customer to get a quick resolve, the current ‘you must be lying’ type approach or just send it in with a cheque..whatever…type approach has been a stark contrast to the Sony i dealt with in my PS1 days.

    Ensure your devices connect seamlessly as well, PS3 proving to be a nightmare to work with a BT Home Hub 2, yet my 360/iPad connect fine.

    innovation, not response too something would be great also, IF best they can offer is a me-too approach to Wii U or Xbox 3, then i’ll struggle to find interest.

    |I’d love to see PS4 deliver games that where ONLY possible due to Sony’s teams getting the best of the potential the hardware offered, real ‘Only on Playstation’ types, something i initally expected from PS3, but never really found it.Prefered Sony’s PSN games to those on XBLA, but i want more from next gen, if that makes sense?

    • well said. I think it will take Sony a while to deliver the same shared gaming experience that XBOX enjoys (in the US especially) since part of that equation is that gamers have to have the same equipment and games. Two gamers with XBOX easily play online. Two gamers with PS3 talk about their similar offline gaming experience at least that have been my experience.

  7. Quite annoying that we can’t get separate figures for PSP, PS2, PS3 and Vita. I should have like to known what the precise shipped numbers for the respective consoles are.

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