News Snatch: COD, Creed, Clank, Obscure, Muse, Grumpy and Brett Ratner

Sega have released an extended cut of an old trailer for Aliens Colonial Marines. That is terribly lazy so I’m not posting it, instead have a look at a new 2.5D side scrolling game called Obscure from Focus Home Interactive and Mighty Rocket Studio.

Joining Cliffy B in the ever growing ranks of Grumpy Old Men Of Gaming is Warren Spector who has been speaking at the DICE convention in Las Vegas.  “I have no interest in guys who wear armour and swing big swords. I have been the last space marine between earth and an alien invasion. I really just don’t need to go there anymore. I want content that is relevant to my life, that is relevant to me, that is set in the real world,” he said.

Fair enough, but he continued “There are some games that should just not be made, by the way,” and displayed a slide from Lollipop Chainsaw.

Grow up Warren.

An investor call has revealed that a new Assassin’s Creed game will launch next year, much to the surprise of no-one, ever. What is raising eyebrows is the news that it will have a new character and a new time period. It has also been revealed that the PS Vita installment of the franchise has hit sales of 600,000.

Staying with Sony’s handheld, the Vita verison of Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force has been delayed yet again and is now scheduled for Spring 2013.

“Our friends at Tin Giant have been working night and day to bring Insomniac’s PS3 game to the PS Vita system and to provide our fans with a great game. While the original delay has helped us make the game better, we still need more time to bring the game up to the standards expected by our fans,” said Greg Phillips, a producer at SCEA.

More investor call news. Well, I say news, Activision have said there will be a new Call Of Duty next year, not exactly news is it? More like an inevitable fact of life.

Christ on a bike this is getting depressing. More Assassin’s Creed, more COD, delayed games, what else can I find to make your Friday even more terrible? How about this:

Brett Ratner, the chap who managed to completely balls up the third X-Men film, is to make a televelsion series based on… wait for it… wait… wait… based on Farmville.

I don’t think I can carry on today, it’s all too much for a Friday. Knowing my luck something really awful will turn up like a promo for some shite rock band like Muse with a video made from footage from a forthcming shooter. That would really finish me off.

Oh bollocks.


  1. I sympathise with you on the monotony of todays news snatch. the only word that grabs my attention out of ‘News Snatch: COD, Creed, Clank, Obscure, Muse, Grumpy and Brett Ratner’ is the word Snatch!

  2. Obscure looks very good. Might well be worth a purchase on day 1.

  3. Can’t help but be confused at telling Warren Spector to grow up about criticising a game he doesn’t like, and then calling a popular rock band shite…

    • Warren Spector was giving a keynote talk at a serious event. I am writing mildly entertaining bollocks for a small website perched on the arse end of the internet and say things for comedic effect.

      • You do yourself a disservice I didn’t think it was mildly entertaining I thought it was very entertaining – cheered my Friday afternoon up. And yes, Muse are shite

    • Keep in mind that even if it is shit, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist. Spector’s comments came across as self-centred.

      I don’t want to play FIFA games but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to exist for all of the people who love digital footie!

      • Precisely, as I said in the Dildos thing, growing up means accepting things, not going “EWWW! YOU SMELL! Go away and dont exist”

      • Its just like David Cages comment about how games shouldn’t have guns in them, that they should be centered around everyday things not violence, that way everybody can play them.
        Everybody that is except the people who like guns and violence in their video games.
        I always felt the industry is at its healthiest when theres a wide array of offerings.
        I think deep down alot of developers get jealous because they try to come up with something original and unique and people just ignore it and buy the new CoD instead.

  4. Think you speak for everyone when it would only be news if CoD didnt come out next year! that cow aint dead yet, keep poking it >.<

    Farm ville the TV series, wonder how there guna push inapp (intv) purchases through that then!? … let alone how the hell they are going to drag that out for 30mins over 10 / 20 episodes!

    To many cows out there that need terminating imo!

  5. A new COD, i am so surprised, in fact, i’m so surprised that i nearly had a heart attack due to it being such a surprise. This is sarcasm by the way.

    I was hoping that the new AC will feature a lot of naval battles as AC3’s naval battles were the best parts of the games. Apparently, it will be set during the Victorians.

    A TV series based on Farmville. Will it be an Archers clone? They don’t have much to work with(Read:Naff all) due to the nature of it. What’s next, a show based on watching paint dry, a film based on a board game oh right, that’s already happened.

    • As long as Assassins is nothing like the latest instalment running up and down trees in a horrible cold grey environment whilst controlling a boring pleb I’ll probably enjoy it again. There was some amazing cleavage going on in the Victorian era so its sounding promising already!

      • maybe we can get a female protagonist in the home console version then. ^_^

      • Protagonist named Candy!

    • for the Farmville tv series, i’d imagine something like this.
      but set on a farm instead. ^_^

    • To be honest they should have a entire game based on it. Add MP and stuff then holy shit! the worlds first 1753 Naval battle sim.

  6. For some reason I imagine Activision investor calls like this:

    “We will release a new COD next year.”
    *drops mic and slowly backs off the stage while receiving standing ovations*

  7. “really awful will turn up like a promo for some shite rock band like Muse”

    Right in my Muse fanboy feels …

    • ps. but at the same time, the song on the trailer is Liquid State with Chris the bassist singing instead of Matt and it’s definitely one of their songs leaning more towards shite than awesome … Crysis 3 deserves a better Muse song ;)

  8. i was kinda hoping for a new version of the old survival horror game when i read Obscure in the heading.
    alas, it’s not.

  9. Lollipop Chainsaw was great! He seems to be calling for more of the same generic shooters than anyone trying something a bit different. I’d much rather see more LP style games than yet another present day fps.

  10. I think the new AssCreed is out next ‘fiscal year’. It could get an American 2014 fiscal year Q1 release, that’s October to December 2013. I could be wrong tho.

    • AssCreed… sounds like some porno

      • who says that’s not what i’m talking about ;)

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