See Eleven Minutes of Tomb Raider

If you’re not entirely sold on the new Tomb Raider game, Crystal Dynamics have released an eleven minute walkthrough of a section of the game. This section is dubbed “Monastery Escape” and features, well, Lara Crofts’ attempted escape from a monastery. Though there’s a lot more to be seen.

As far I’m aware, it carries on a bit further than the same gameplay sections that we’ve seen before – beyond the parachuting, anyway.


You naturally should avoid this if you’re wanting to go in spoiler-free, though it should give you a good impression of the game. It’s all very Uncharted which some people would mistakenly call an ironic statement but just look at those cliff hanging animations and set pieces.

It seems a lot more dark and brutal than any of Nathan Drake’s adventures, however, with Lara being impaled through her neck and getting some bloody kills with a shotgun.

The game is out next month – March 5th – on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: YouTube, via Eurogamer



  1. Cannot wait for this, am avoiding any trailers such as this though.

    As you say, it’s like a more gritty Uncharted, which can only mean uber-awesomeness!

    • I’m avoiding any potential spoilers, too. Already pre ordered the game. Hopefully I can platinum Ni No Kuni by the time this comes out. ^^

      • I did play it at Eurogamer though, but since then it’s been my most anticipated game. It’s obviously hard to say cos I’ve only played a small part, but this has the potential to be better then Uncharted from what I experienced, everything is getting dropped when this arrives!! :)

  2. So, without trying to spoil for anyone who doesn’t want to watch, is the driving force for Lara the same as Jason’s in FarCry 3?

  3. I’m still wondering whether this will run on my setup or not and whether to go for this or B: Infinite first.

    It does look great. The water fall scene reminded me of Golden Abyss a little, but that spike, eww.

  4. Far too much like Uncharted.
    This game just seems like its trying way too hard to gain Uncharted’s success. After Tomb Raider’s poor sequels in recent years this just seems like they given up on being original.

    Disappointing and will be avoiding like the plague.

    • There is a lot that’s different like revisiting areas, unlocks and you choose what to unlock, the camera is far more immersive than Uncharted and how it follows her jumps/falls/climbing etc, the survival elements. It has taken what’s good about Uncharted, and added to it. I don’t see why being like something that’s good, is somehow bad – seems an odd reason to dismiss it. Your loss I’d say.

      • How is the camera more immersive? Looks like the same deal as Uncharted to me. It’s got steady cam (for player controlled movement), shaky cam (for fake adrenaline) and fisheye/distorted perspective cam (for slidey action sequences).

      • Well, when I played it the camera moves more suddenly and zooms in when, for example, when you don’t quite make a jump but grab a ledger, it also moves down to ground level to make it feel more like you’re seeing it from Lara’s view, far more than in Uncharted – or it certainly seemed more noticable or used to greater effect.

        I’ve not watched the trailer but perhaps it doesn’t show it off as much as in the section I played. I’ve played all 4 Uncharted games and thought the use of camera was better in TR, even in the short demo.

      • So your saying I should pick it up because it has an unlock system and different camera angles…

        I think i’ll pass, no loss here.

        Also if for some reason I did want to play it, it’ll be bargain bin within a month or so. Don’t believe me? Look at the past Tomb Raider games of this gen.

      • Yeah, that’s exactly what I was saying, you should just buy it because of the unlock system. Other than that it looks terrible and any relation to the popular Uncharted series must clearly make it terrible too – but good for you anyway! ;)

    • And the story too, I’d like to play for the story very much.

      • Puzzles too, not sure why they haven’t shown anything like this. That is Tomb Raider, not running around shooting men all the time.

    • does seem very Uncharted will give it a chance.

    • I loved the originals and also loved Uncharted. I can’t see a problem with copying from something that copied from you in the first place.
      And if it is half as good as the UC games it’ll be brilliant – I for one can’t wait

  5. Whether it’s the chicken or the egg, it looks great, can’t wait!

  6. Looks brilliant. Have my special edition ordered and paid off.

  7. Stunning that is all ;)

    Really don’t understand this view of people being down on the game and the more extreme refusing to buy it because of Uncharted similarities. Isn’t that why we classify game types in genres? Or would people prefer that Uncharted, GTA, Mario etc. game themes were patented and only a handful of releases were possible each year.
    It’s like people saying that they will buy the GTA games but leave Saints Row, Sleeping Dogs etc. because they are trying to copy and they’re too alike.
    When I enjoy a game genre, I look out for anything similar to buy…..not avoid!!
    People cutting off their noses to spite their….you get the gist

  8. I’m guessing it’s running on a high spec PC but it graphically looks superior to Uncharted aswell.

    I’ll no doubt get this. If Lara has returned to her best, I do not want to miss out on that!

  9. Had no interest in this at all until I watched this. Looks great. Like uncharted yes, but whats wrong with that. Uncharted is awesome.

  10. This looks good, but throughout that whole video, I think the gamer had about 5 decisions to make. The rest was video sequences or scripted scenes. Very boring in my opinion.

    It looks very nice though, but I wont be fooled.

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