Aliens Arrives On PSN at £50, With A £10 Discount For Plus Subscribers

We’ll be back with this week’s complete PSN Store Update this afternoon, but in the meantime it’s perhaps worth highlighting a couple of titles set for today for anyone eager to know.

First up is SEGA’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, with an RRP of £49.99 but with a discount down to £39.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers. We rated the game a 5/10 earlier this week.


Also available is Anarchy Reigns, at a bargain price of £19.99.

There’s a pile of PS2 classics too – Medal of Honor European Assault, Disney’s Cars and Treasure Planet, Winnie The Pooh and World Championship Poker.

A couple of new PS3 titles are also due – Creat’s Germinator and something called Karateka.

SCEE are also having a bit of a sale starting from today. Batman: Arkham Asylum is just £7.99 and City is £9.69, both with another 10% discount for Plussers.

Darksiders is £3.19, the sequel a tenner.



  1. “In Space no one can hear you scream…when you see how much ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ costs on PSN” LoL:D

  2. Judging by the reviews, even if this were true – “but with a £39.99 discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers” the remaining £10 would still be too much!

    • lol guessing that’s a typo. I was so looking forward to it too.

    • ha! Fixed that sentence :)

    • Haha indeed, likely a speed record about to be broken from a games release >>> bargain basement journey!
      Stranger things have happened though :O

  3. For anyone that didn’t get the original Darksiders, £3.19 is ridiculously cheap for a great game. A tenner for the sequel is also a great deal, it’s a long game as well so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

    • There are some other pretty good deals too in the link. Might have to buy some stuff today. :)

  4. Sly trilogy for £7.99 is an absolute bargain. It would be nice to see PS2 classics like Socom and FF come on to PSN.

  5. Yay, i was hoping the original Red Faction would get a discount at some point – mine today for €2.49!

    • Red Faction blew my mind at the time. I’d be up for a hd remake, but nothing else.

  6. Karateka, wasn’t that one of the first fighting games on the Commodore 64? Back in the early eighties.

  7. Why do they keep putting games that have been given away on PS+ for free on sale? I do like the way that there is no acknowledgement of the amount of THQ stuff on sale…

  8. All I can think about is Dragonborn & the first experience of jumping on a dragons’ back.

    • I picked up Skyrim new for £10 two weeks ago after waiting for a suitable price drop , loving it so far .
      Im sure i read somewhere that each DLC will be half price during its first week of release so i intend to pick up Dragonborn tonight even if ive still got 200 hours of the original to play through yet.

  9. I think today’s the day that Plussers get to download Wipeout 2048 for free, right?

  10. I thought the map for all stars was a freebie, same as the characters, or a meringue.

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