Avalanche Studios Founder Teases Next Project – Just Cause? Road Rash?

It looks like Avalanche Studios are starting to gear up their promo machine again as the studio’s founder, Christofer Sundberg, today tweeted an image of a project currently in development at one of the company’s two studios in Sweden or New York.

The most recent industry rumblings were that Avalanche was working on three projects, one large-scale open world game with Square Enix codenamed ‘Project Mamba’ and another two based on movie and comic book licences.


There are a few clues of what the game could be. The image seems to be showing one character throwing another character away from a vehicle, which looks similar to the Stunt Position animations from Just Cause 2. The location appears to be a desert, or at least a sandy area with a blue sky.

[drop] The biggest clue might be the on-vehicle assault and that hooked implement in the rider’s left hand. Surely that’s the grappling hook from Just Cause, isn’t it?

There have been rumours about that Avalanche are working on Just Cause 3 for the next gen, so this could be what the company is teasing.

After all the image does bear some resemblance to the other entries in the series, with that hook, helicopter and general sense of lunacy.

Other bare-faced speculation has stumbled upon a rather hopeful suggestion that it might be a remake of Road Rash. That’s too much to dream for though, isn’t it?



  1. The prospect of a next-gen Just Cause game, at launch is certainly appealing to me, here’s hoping…
    (Even if it was released on PS3 and 360 that’d be fine by me, JC2 has been one of my favourite games this gen, heaps and heaps of fun to be had.)

    • Same here, It’s not my favourite genre but really enjoyed the second game. Def day one buy for me.

  2. Christ… it’ll be some day for people when they announce a new Road Rash game. Just hope they don’t muck it up with the modernization they seem to love ruining game with.

  3. Just Cause 3 as a PS4 launch title? I’d buy the shit out of those two things…

  4. If JC3 was out on launch, Sony might aswell take the money out my bank account now.

  5. I can’t even imagine how incredible a next gen Just Cause could be. Keep all the crazy stunts and the varied, massive, landscape as well as adding a great story in the and it would make me a very happy man.


  7. Look, I dont want to get everyones hopes up by the character on the bike looks the same style as the Road Rash Concept art..


    Which, by the the way, has mysteriously vanished from the artists site.

    Intriguingly the concept art reveals it is for “Next Gen” Road Rash which, at the time we assumed was for, well this gen as it was quite old.. what if..

    • “Look, I dont want to get everyones hopes up…”

      You’re actually crushing mine… >_>
      I want this to be JC3…

  8. Road rash please. And I think it looks like he might be holding a metal pipe, which is deffo a road rash style weapon.

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