Avalanche Studios sets up a new team in Liverpool

Avalanche Studios has announced that it is opening a brand new studio and that it will be located in Liverpool. Initially, five people will make up the team but it is expected to have 50 staff members by 2022. However, the team will not move into an office yet due to COVID 19 but plans to do so eventually. Avalanche Liverpool will be joining the Expansive Worlds group which works on The Hunter series. The team will work on both current and new titles in the series.

Avalanche has been growing steadily with Liverpool becoming the company’s fourth studio with Stockholm, Malmo, and New York being the other locations. The company is best known for the Just Cause series along with Rage. The company was also behind the Mad Max game and most recently Generation Zero in which players had to face off against some killer robots in Sweden.


Recently, Avalanche’s Systematic Reaction division teased a new game that would be ominous and dangerous. That game turned out to be Second Extinction where players will face off against some dinosaur creatures which are also mutated. Players won’t be doing it alone as players will be able to fight in teams of three. The game has been confirmed for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. There is a PC beta taking place that players could sign up for. Following the game’s announcement Systematic Reaction said:

It’s with great excitement, pride, and joy that we get to share the first title made by our small team in Malmö – Second Extinction.

We’re a tightly-knitted bunch of 35 developers that are working hard (currently from home, but under normal circumstances accompanied by a pack of adorable dogs at the office) on making this game as intense and exciting as it can be. Today is a joyous moment as we get to share what we’ve been working on with all of you. This time is made even more special as it marks the beginning of you joining us on this journey. Your feedback, thoughts, and wishes will help shape what the future of our game will hold.

Source: GamesIndustry

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