Avalanche Studios tease a new game which is “both ominous and dangerous”

Systematic Reaction, a sub division of Avalanche games, have teased their new project which is “both ominous and dangerous.” As it is a teaser very little has been revealed, the trailer slowly zooms inside a dark cave while what sounds like a large scale battle rages in the background. Then we hear a monster of some kind let out a growl, a gun being loaded, and then a splash of gore and blood as whatever growled gets splattered across in the inside of the cave.


I’ve gone through the trailer frame by frame, there is no clear shot of the monster but we do get a look at the gun. It looks rather like a rifle from World War II, and that would link in with the large scale battle heard going on in the background. The gloves appear to fabric of some kind rather than anything futuristic which might be another indication as to where and when the game is set.

Systematic Reaction are the team behind Generation Zero, the self published open-world co-op first-person shooter / survival game. We had delve in to the game during the closed beta and thought it was quite fun.

“Generation Zero is a promising title in a lot of ways, and it might just be shaping up to be the co-op hit of 2019,” we said. “It had some rocky moments, but it’s still a beta right now and Generation Zero is polished and impressive in a lot of other ways. It’s also far from showing its full hand, with tricks like robot permanence coming into play across a persistent world. This is a game where I’m now very interesting to see how the full release pans out.”

However, the end product was rather flat and has a Metacritic score of just 50, the game was criticised for being rather dull and repetitive.

However, the main Avalanche studio has produced a string of high quality games including the Just Cause franchise and the underrated Mad Max, perhaps a little of that magic can be spread on the new mysterious title.

As the game is clearly in early development I would put money on the title coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X rather than current gen.

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