Sunday Streaming Hour Presents The Generation Zero Closed Beta

Rage Against the Machine

We’re breaking a bit of new ground this week on the Sunday Streaming Hour as Stefan and Miguel will be taking a look at Avalanche Studios’ Generation Zero through its closed beta. Generation Zero was revealed a few months back, and revealed an IP where players would be transported to Sweden in the year 1989. In this setting of forests and small towns, players will have to face off against an invading force of machines which seem to have wiped the rest of humanity off the map.

If you fancy seeing Stefan and Miguel face off against the machines then tune in below at 5pm BST this Sunday, October 21st, or head on over to We’ve skipped it forward about 20 minutes to get around the early technical issues that a beta is almost bound to have!

Remember you can also catch our past episodes on our YouTube channel. Last week the streaming hour doubled in size as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout was showcased.

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