Destiny “ViDoc” Appears As Embargo Ends

I wanted Bungie’s first game after they left the Halo franchise to be something spectacular. It still could be, of course – it’s early days, but the ridiculously hyped reveal has turned over little more than the above video documentary.


Within the four minutes of video is a tiny slice of gameplay – hardly much to get our teeth into, especially as most of the juicy stuff was leaked a good few hours earlier. More odd is the rumour that Bungie didn’t actually show any of the press that got invited to see the game any gameplay.

Rev3’s Adam Sessler inferred that he was “told” about the game rather than shown it, which is odd, and GTTV’s Geoff Keighley claimed they saw “no gameplay”.

Still, whilst that little snippet of gameplay in the video doesn’t look that hot most are suggesting the game is around a year away anyway, so there’s plenty of time for the studio to get Destiny up the standard we’d like to see. Let’s hope we get a more confident showing at E3.



  1. Maybe they’ve bitten over more than they can chew?

  2. Honestly can’t be bothered. E3 please and some decent gameplay footage. Bungie can’t expect us to get excited over some concepts and discussion. I couldn’t care less about how the game gets pushed, I’d actually like to know about the damn game.

  3. I really excited about this game in terms of what Bungie say they have envisioned, and if they can pull it of it should be amazing. But as said, the lack of gameplay is a big disappointment, as it’s all very well being excited about a big new idea, but that can make the final outcome even worse if it doesn’t meet the high demands expected of it through it’s own hype (see Aliens: Colonial Marines).

  4. MMO? meh..

  5. Sounds to me like it was more Activisions idea to “show something” then Bungie really being ready to.

    • Sounds about right to me.
      Maybe we get to see some footage on Wednesday but I’m putting my money on E3.

  6. i’m interested in the world they’ve created, i think a prequel that shows how the world ended up the way it did would be very interesting, be it novel, comic book or animated feature.

    also, it’d be good if this is something Bungie get to keep, not like Halo where they develop a monster franchise and it ends up belonging to somebody else because they bought them out.

  7. It all sounds terribly premature .. clean-up on the aisle of dreams.

  8. Just skipped through the trailer and I think it actually looks pretty good. The short gameplay snipped looks very fluid.

  9. No way this gonna be released in October this year.

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