News Snatch: Soul Sacrifice And Exclusive ‘News’ Of Unannounced Games

New footage of the PS3 and PS Vita game Dragon’s Crown from Atlus has been published. Now normally I would not encourage you to pause a video and stare at breasts but I think you should take a close look at the ladies in this game.

They have huge, rather floppy funbags and thighs that could crack coconuts. The graphics for the female characters seems to have been based around the theme of your Aunt Maude going to a tarts and vicars party.


It’s an interesting art style, I’ll give them that, and well done them for championing the lady with a fuller figure.

“To pull a Bungie” – Definition: To stage manage your game reveal with such ruthless precision that you do not show any of the game itself.

e.g. “Those lads at Rockstar are just trying to pull a Bungie with their GTA V campaign.”

Not news but a rather fun game; Imagine what would be produced if your favourite franchise was given to another developer. Josh suggested giving SSX to Criterion, Chris wants the Dead Space chaps, Visceral, to tackle Aliens: Colonial Marines whilst I want thatgamecompany to tackle Call of Duty and create the world’s first pacifist FPS.

gran The PlayStation 4 is almost here and no one could be more happy than the TSA news team. Can you guess when the PS4 was first mentioned on TheSixthAxis? January 2008. “The PS4 will be no more than twice as powerful as the PS3, and there won’t be any new Cell development,” was the seemingly accurate rumour.

By March 2009 we had hypothesized that the PS4 would have a streaming service for games and by May that year we had the first confirmation of a publisher, Ubisoft, working on Next Gen titles. Amazingly it was also predicted in August of that year that Sony would be the first to show their hand in the Next Gen race.

We have been writing on and off about PlayStation 4 for five years and have posted nearly 250 news items that include the phrase ‘PS4’, thank the lord it’s almost over.

However we still have a day to go so, *sigh*, today’s PS4 rumour is that it will allow cross platform play over multiple devices, including smart phones and tablets.

Konami have launched a website where budding artists can share their Metal Gear Solid art and view the work of Yoji Shinkawa. It’s rather awesome as you can watch each brush stroke and edit made, check out this canvas as an example.

Gamestop in the U.S.A. has slashed the price of Dead Space 3 by $20 just two weeks after release.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 will be available on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on the 8th of March and a new trailer has been released showing lots of people with odd haircuts.

The latest studio to be rumoured to be doing what they are paid to do is Visceral who are working on two unannounced games.

News reaches me that Infinity Ward are hard at work on an unannounced game and that Treyarch are also working on a game that has yet to be announced. Oh, and the Gran Turismo chaps, Polyphony, they are working on something I bet. Evolution Studios and Ruffian games are also busy on something and a completely fictional little bird has told me that Gearbox are beavering away on another project, probably Borderlands 3.

Criterion are finishing off Need For Speed: Most Wanted on Wii U but I also hear they are working on another unannounced project, probably something to do with cars. Danger Close, the Medal Of Honor funsters are not working on a new Medal Of Honor game but something else, whilst HAVE I MADE MY POINT?!?!?

And Finally, a lovely new trailer for PS Vita monster ’em up, Soul Sacrifice.



  1. Dragon’s Crown… oh dear. Wow. Just when you thought we had the chance to step out of the spotty teenager spotlight.

    Although, to know that we’re edging closer to the time when we can finally avoid all of the bollocky conjecture about the PS4 hardware is a calming tonic in itself. I like the odd fascinating article here and there but it’s been a never ending barrage of rumour and hearsay. Seriously, I feel like I’ve been teabagged by the Hulk there’s so much bruising around my eyes.

  2. I wonder what the PS5 will bring lol

  3. Some fairly accurate rumours from the TSA guys. Well done.

    Naughty Dog to tackle Tomb Raider to make the game more realistic with nice platform sections and story heavy…. Oh wait!?

    • Reading back through them all – and our speculation – we sem to be pretty much spot on quite a lot of the time.

      Assuming the PS4 is what we think it is. If it turns out to be a toaster then we may have missed the mark.

  4. Dev swap? I’d like to see two versions of Red Faction in the hands of Square Enix.

    FPS (serious tone like the originals): Eidos Montreal (Deus Ex: HR)
    3rd Person Shooter (fun approach liek Guerilla): Avalanche Studios (Just Cause 2)

    Release them on the PS4 with fully destructable environments and a tweaked building destruction physics engine with split screen coop. kthxbye

  5. I expect that Danger Close are still making an FPS, just probably a new IP so they don’t damage the MoH brand name.

  6. Dragons Crown actually looks interesting.. its like the old school Capcom beat’em ups which I guess is a good thing. Hope it gets a PSN release here… along with the likes of Gundam Breaker and Project Versus J. Vita needs them.. especially since as always Japanese games always tend to be better than American efforts.

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