First PS4 Info?

An interesting article on Watch Impress this morning, with Editor Goto Hiroshige claiming that he’s received PS4 spec from a few Japanese developers.  Said developers, presumingly remaining anonymous given the nature of the information, got the info directly from SCEI who were looking for feedback from devs.

According to the report, which obviously we’re marking as rumour, the PS4 will be no more than twice as powerful as the PS3, and there won’t be any new Cell development – the PS4 will use the same chip, but dump the XDR and just standard RAM for it’s main memory.

It’s all techy, geeky stuff, and we’re sure there’ll be a better translation later today, but the key point is the date: apparently SCEI wants to beat the next Xbox to launch, and thus is aiming at 2011, or sooner, for Japanese release.

Thoughts, please.


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