EA Lays Off Staff At Visceral Montreal

As we all start welcoming in the next gen, EA has taken a step towards restructuring its studios to work on the new consoles that will soon be in our homes. Tonight it has been announced by EA that as part of this restructuring members of staff in Montreal, and some in Los Angeles, have been let go.

Thousands of our existing employees have been retrained and redeployed to work on the new platforms and initiatives. But when it is not possible to redeploy a team, we soften the tough decisions with assistance. This week we let some people go in Los Angeles, Montreal as well as in some smaller locations. These are good people and we have offered outplacement services and severance packages to ease their transition to a new job.

According to Quebecois newspaper La Presse it’s Visceral Montreal, developers of the Army Of Two franchise, that has been closed by EA. The latest title in the franchise, Army Of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, is due for release next month. With this closure it could be a signal that either EA will not be pursuing the series for the next gen after game number three, or it will be moved to Visceral Redwood Shores, the branch behind Dead Space, who helped co-develop the upcoming shooter.


Our thoughts go out to all those affected by these lay offs and we hope they’ll be able to find work soon.

Source: EA/La Presse



  1. It’s a shame for the employees.
    I suppose with all the good news over the last 24 hours there had to be some bad.

  2. ya gots to love redundancy believe me im there 22 years at Ford up the shitebox…
    sympathy boys see you on the dole line….

  3. This doesn’t bode well for the Army of Two game, surely? If they thought it would be a money making success surely they would have kept the team on?

    • Also, if there are any bugs in the retail version, gamers are probably going to be stuck with them unless their co dev team fixes them…

  4. Its sad, I hope they find new jobs…

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