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Further Insight On Watch Dogs’ PS4 Demo

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, the big surprise of last year’s E3, made another show stopping appearance at last night’s introduction to the PlayStation 4.

As usually happens when the dust settles at big events, more information is uncovered as the gaming press get to speak to the development teams behind the titles. Revision 3’s Adam Sessler got to talk to Watch Dogs’ senior producer Dominic Guay, who went on to talk more about the open world, the cast of thousands of AI characters and hinted at some of the differences between the PS4 and PS3 versions of the game. Guay also explains the nature of non-scripted events, how your choices impact the wider world and the characters in it.

Watch Dog continues to impress and we’ll be keeping a close eye on it throughout the year ahead of its multi-format and cross-generation release.

Source: YouTube.


  1. This game is looking really good!

    Agree 100% with you what you said on twitter about GTA5

    • Can just imagine Rockstar beavering away adding free running and another layer of ‘special sauce’ gameplay elements in an effort to not to look more than old generation gameplay with a few more pixels.

  2. Wow, I’ll definitely be getting it on PS4.

  3. I hope the PS4 show is on PSN soon in HD(1080p would be good to) because of my cr*ppy Laptop & cr*p internet speeds i saw bits of the show last night!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! :-/ & that is 1 reason i don’t want a all internet gaming future LoL:D Anyway the bits of this(in erm LOW-Definition & out of sync) :D on my Laptop i saw last night it looks well good :P
    + WOW!!! for the Killzone bit to(which i watched on YouTube again today) IT LOOKS F-IN INSANE!!! :P The 1st bit looked like i was watching a Star Wars movie!!!(the newer ones in the cities) :P

    • I usually read your comments but my brain simply won’t let me process this one. Sorry.

    • I agree, it does look great, but this comment has given me a tumour.

  4. Wasn’t really that interested in this until last night. This time around it captured my attention properly and looked to have more depth than before. I’m also fascinated to see how multi-platform… nay, multi-generation development will turn out! :-)

  5. The graphics are stunning (although the demo was on PC, but I’m guessing the PS4 will be the same.)

    The locking-on mechanic reminded me a lot of the Assassin’s Creed games.

    • I agree, it seems very ACish. But not a bad thing, it looks stunning and can only hope the PS4 out beats the Xbox, never been a fan of xbox anyway but never bought a console on day1 due to sames and obvious money issues. But if more games look as good as this I may have to start saving.

      Im also curious on the price of the PS4 controller, ps3 controller is around £35 so surely the new one will be around $0-50£?

  6. I liked it already but hearing details like that makes it sound even better. The depth of the AI routines will certainly help enable a believable game world. I’ll probably pick up the PS3 version first and quite possibly buy it again when i get a PS4.

  7. Ill be grabbing this with my PS4 day one for sure. It looks and sounds amazing.

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