Killzone: Shadow Fall Announced For PS4

Guerilla Games’ Herman Holst popped on stage to unveil a new entry in the Killzone franchise called Killzone: Shadow Fall. He initially likened the title to the Cold War style divide between East and West Berlin, before we dropped into a live gameplay demonstration.

This was quite simply gorgeous, as the opening cinematic saw you flying over a vast, utopian Vekta City in the year 2381, roughly 20 years after Killzone 3. Highways filled with flying vehicles in the sky, a vast waterfall, some gorgeous rays of light beaming between skyscrapers, it’s an impressive show of graphical power leading to your arrival on a high up landing pad.

As you’re hustled through a security checkpoint, getting preferential treatment from the ISA security who recognises you as Lucas Heller, who seems to have returned from some sort of mission. you pass into an area filled with quite a few civilian NPCs just milling around.

Then it all blows up. A huge explosion rips through the building next to which you’re standing. In the aftermath, it turns out that there was a Helghan infiltrator in disguise as an ISA trooper, and after dispatching him we get to see gameplay.

There’s a new main weapon in your hands, which seems to be energy based and have a secondary sniper attachment. The cover system first introduced in Killzone 2 is back, but this element is combined with an element of slow motion, so that you can get more precise shots.

After battling past the insurgents, Heller grabbed onto a rope attached to a Helghan drop ship and takes us through a lengthy, high paced flying segment, once again showing off the scale and grandeur of the city.

The closing shot, though, managed to throw us a curve ball for the plot, as, after blowing up the drop ship, it’s revealed that this city is half Vektan and half Helghan… Also, you have some kind of suit of armour which looks special.

You get why Herman mentioned the Cold War earlier now, right?

Take a look for yourself!



  1. Looked BEAUTIFUL! So hyped a lot more games shown then I thought would be!

  2. It was hard to know what fps it was running at because of my stream, it looked a bit jumpy so I’ll be interested to hear what Alex has to say.

    So far though, it’s been the only game that’s interested me, along with Drive Club.

    • Frame rate really won’t be a talking point for anything shown today, other than in interviews where they’re asked about it, and say they’re targetting whatever.

  3. It looked great! Definitely a confident jump to the next-gen…

    • At the risk of being flamed to death by raging fanboys, I really struggled to get excited by the Killzone demo. Animations looked clunky (especially in the nearby NPCs – watch the soldier escorting the player down the steps near the beginning and tell me he moves naturally), the shooting looks very much like what we’ve seen before and I’m still skeptical that it was actual live gameplay footage.

      I appreciate that there’s a lot of distance still left to run in the game’s development, but it looked like a distinctly average experience and the embodiement of what I’m most afraid of for this generation – that everybody gets so excited about the latest diffusion effects and ambient lighting renderers that they forget about actually trying to surprise gamers with experiences that they haven’t had so far. But maybe that’s what Media Molecule are for.

      Sorry for the whinge, I actually really liked much of what Sony was pushing, but I felt Killzone was the lowpoint of an otherwise exciting presentation.

  4. Killzone. A new Killzone. With an interesting story. And its Killzone. Oh god I love Killzone.

  5. I loved the uploading of the video right at the end as if to say….you can do this….honest.

  6. It blew me away, sure, but it’s not leaps and bounds ahead of KZ3, as KZ2 was to KZ1.

    • Oh, but it is!
      The amount of particle physics on show was pretty huge, with all that flying debris, the depth and scale to the environments, number of moving objects, NPCs etc. etc.

      You might not spot it from a stream, but this is quite possibly just as big a leap.

  7. It’s killzone, but with lots of colours! Definitely impressed by this title.

  8. I wasn’t interested in the social aspect of the PS4 until he pressed the share button and moments later the whole video was on Killzone’s Facebook page. Very nice :)

  9. Dunno if it’s just restrictions of the facebook video player but the video they shared there is looking a bit shaky to me, screenshots on the other hand look sick. Also did anyone else notice the VSA not ISA signs on the buildings? Plot point??

  10. Looks fantastic but doesn’t seem like a massive leap from KZ3 imo.

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