To Hell With The Cynicism, Let Us Have Our Passion

by Mike Williams

Over the past few days, I’ve enjoyed the hype building up for the PlayStation 4 announcement. We’ve had photos of a prototype controller in front of what appears to be a dev-box and rumours have been rife about what each new facet of its makeshift body might unleash. However, last night was time for much of this to be cleared up – for the conjecture to finish and the real anticipation to begin; for Sony to coerce us into the first class carriage on our own personalised hype train.

With Skype Instant Messenger open and a voice call in parallel, my friends and acquaintances were suitably excited to see what the next generation console had to offer.

Straight away it was obvious that Sony had listened to problems from this generation (and not just about its own console). Sharing looks to be a huge feature. Sure, it’s not for me but I definitely want to be able to make use of it. More importantly, I want it for everyone who’ll abuse it like I abused that mechanical bull last Summer. Not so horny now, are you.

Games were teased and trailers made us a little warmer in the trouser department. Conceptual pieces excited us with the possibilities of what this hardware can do in the hands of a studio like Media Molecule. Huge franchises leapt aboard, new Intellectual Properties (that’s IP to you and me) showed absolute promise.

Now, whilst the local police might tell you I was stone-cold sober, I was drunk on the lovely pitch that Sony had crafted. Images came and went. The new controller was discussed in more detail. Visit after visit on stage from developer boffins whipped our temperate gussets into a cotton-moistened party of endorphin-enriched happiness.

The show ended and I fell asleep thinking lovely things about the future of home console gaming. Sadly, reality decided to slap me around the face with its calloused hand on awaking. Not my reality but the reality that our culture appears to not only thrive on but breed at a contemptible rate. “No problem”, I thought. I’ll just see what BBC has to say about Sony’s gestating console. Imagine the horror where around 90% of the article was negative and full of stamina-destroying body punches to the midriff.

An entire first world, up in arms over the fact that we’d not seen the new console. An entire media-minded culture where things were damned just because they didn’t get a mention. Countless times I saw alleged professionals tearing several new posteriors because we didn’t have a fixed date of release.

I guess Holiday Season 2013 (near Christmas for us normal folk) wasn’t enough. Why? What has caused this effluent-like putrescence to flow faster than the warm custard on my fruits of the forest crumble? I truly expected to see the usual shenanigans in the comments section but to see nearly all of the press link arms and spout such nonsense was enough to make my blood boil.

I don’t want to know how cynical you are. I don’t want to know why you think PC gaming is better. I don’t want to know about how it all sounds completely out of touch with today’s society and why you not having a price or a sexy shot of the new Sony beast is tantamount to wishing a terminal illness on your loved ones. Step back for a moment and realise we live in a wonderful time where we can even potentially afford such luxuries. Breathe deeply and try to handle the fact that Sony overtook Microsoft (recently) in the sales stakes of home consoles and that they might be doing something resembling “right”.

I wish Microsoft the very best of luck with whatever they show but, just for once, I’d like to see some enthusiasm for the average person (cue: show of hands from TSA’s readership) where we are grown-up enough to realise it isn’t the answer to all of our gaming prayers but looks suitably enticing for us to part with a serious number of crisp banknotes.

I thank the stars that somewhere like TSA exists and that I’m still allowed to be thrilled by the PlayStation 4 hype train.

First class carriage? I want to be sitting on the driver’s lap and supping from his thermos!


  1. I agree with your post but don’t agree that people aren’t allowed to dislike things and have to be upbeat and lively upbeat about everything. No better than being one of those people who says “haters” when they act like a cock all the time. Not that I’m suggesting you’re a cock, just an example.

    • I take your point man. After reading my post again, I do come across as sounding like a bit of a cock lol.

      • Wasn’t a reply to you! You silly goose.

    • Oh, god. Of course, Stewie! Totally agree. There’ll be times when we all sit there thinking “okay… swing and a miss?” and see something really fail. However, to see such massive disparity between the average person (the majority of people I know) and how the press were reporting it was utterly bonkers.

      If you sat there and thought “meh… not for me. Impress me more!” I’d be completely fine with it. It might not have resonated with you for some reason. That I’m more than okay with. Just that gulf of a difference where the media bang out the same ol’ smackdown nonsense again and again. It left me thinking “have we all just watched the same thing?”. The more I read the more I couldn’t believe what was being digested. I turned to friend after friend to make sure I wasn’t secretly drugged during the whole show!

      Nope. Lemsip still in the cupboard. :-)

  2. I strongly agree with this article. There’s been far too much cynicism and negativity about the PS4 reveal just for the sake of it.

    Is this a Sony image problem? or will Microsoft suffer from this as well. It’ll be interesting to see in April.

    Regardless I’m excited to see what MS and Sony will bring and I will wait to see both companies play their hand before making a decision.

    MS will have to be really good though as it will be a massive pain to transfer all my music from the PS3 TO the new XBOX where as I hope Sony will include an easy transfer option to the PS4.

  3. Good read.
    Personally couldn’t give a monkey’s chuff for all the haters, just looking forward for something new & shiny. Roll on next year!

  4. I definately agree with this article to the fullest

    As a passionate gamer who loves his hobby, I was AMAZED by the unveiling, and the excitement and joy I’m feeling at how incredible all the info was is the exact reason why I love gaming in the first place.

    Gaming as far as I’m concerned has never been better with the current generation and there is such a huge choice of gaming experiences to be had these days, I feel like I’m in gaming heaven and with the ps4 (and nextbox) things are only going to get even better.

    To all the people being negative and critisicing…….if thats how you feel why the hell are you even bothering with gaming i the first place??

    It’s a hobby, it’s supposed to be fun and exciting and if you can’t be excited for the future then you may aswell give up now!

    It’s a kind of a sad indictment of human nature that when we get the opportunity to be happy or enthusiastic, a lot of people just moan and complain instead.

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