TSAtv Newsdesk Special: This Is PS4

The next generation is here, and so are we – with the very first episode of TSAtv Newsdesk, a quick video roundup of all the best bits from Sony’s 2013 PlayStation Meeting. Enjoy, and please leave us feedback in the comments here, or on Twitter and Facebook.



  1. Superb.

  2. Put on for watch later. No volume in work so want to enjoy it in all its splendor.

  3. You guys really are great. Excellent return for TSAtv, well made and with no time to spare at all.
    Seriously well done to all TSA staff for how well coordinated last night was. Proud to say I love this site.

  4. Nice, more of this! :D

  5. Can’t wait for the PS4!
    Although, with a baby on the way I may not get much time for gaming any more!

  6. Terrific stuff, the first of many I hope.

  7. A video like that is what Ive been looking for all flipping morning. Nice 1.
    Kinda bit excited for this PS4 thing… Also, kinda like that they haven’t actually shown the machine yet. More things to reveal at E3. Seems like they’re making all the right moves so far.

  8. Great stuff, stayed up last night to see for myself but nice to see it put as concisely as that.

    No-one seems to be as excited as me though about the suspend feature, so no more cold-booting into the console and waiting for everything to load if you so desire.

  9. Excellent video here guys. Really good stuff, and sorry for being captain obvious, but it’s nice to have the moving images to complement the journalism. It nicely enhances things.

  10. That was a great way to catch up on all the latest PS4 news – well done TSA!

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