Gabe Newell To Receive BAFTA Fellowship

BAFTA has announced this morning that, this year the organisation will be awarding Gabe Newell the BAFTA Fellowship at the British Academy Games Awards on March 5th for his contribution to gaming.

Gabe has been active in the games industry since 1983 when he started at Microsoft. He has had a very successful career which really took off with Valve thanks to the Half Life franchise, as well as the more recent Left 4 Dead and Portal series.


Steam has also played a huge part in the success of Valve, though it was met with criticism when it first released. Now though, Steam has become one of the biggest game purchase services online, with Steam Sales being popular for cutting prices of releases by huge amounts.

Recently gamers have been wondering about the existence of the next Half Life game, with the last release in the series being Half Life 2: Episode Two in 2007. Rumours have pointed to the game being open world, and Valve have even decided to tease the public with t-shirts.

Gabe Newell will be joining the likes of Peter Molyneux, Shigeru Miyamoto, Will Wright and Nolan Bushnell when he accepts the award. The full nomination list for the awards can be seen here

Source: BAFTA



  1. Lovely news for him. After watching the keynote speeches at Dice it was very obvious, very quickly how a handful of these guys had been thrust into the limelight and felt almost duty-bound to speak on behalf of the industry.

    I wouldn’t wish that on a notoriously geeky and keep-yourself-to-yourself sort of personality type.

    Good on them all for speaking up about things and sharing insights into the future of gaming.

  2. Ah the man who called Xbox Live a ‘train wreck’ and consoles ‘a disaster’ and PhysXs a ‘horrible idea’ and who lives off the fame of some very aging games.

    Brilliant choice. Not.

    • I don’t quite think that’s fair. He did apologise for his PS3 remarks. Made up for it with steam support on portal 2.

      Yeah, valve don’t make games that often, but the fact that hl2 is still better than plenty of current games is more important then the quantity. And so what if the ip is old? That hardly matters.

      Also, there is no denying that steam is fantastic. I think he deserves this.

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