Rumour: Valve Employee Spotted Wearing Half Life 3 T Shirt

So apparently, a Valve employee has been spotted wearing a t shirt with the Half Life 3 logo on it. The shirt was spotted by Chandana Ekanayak of Uber Entertainment, developers of Super Monday Night Combat.

Chandana tweeted the picture and also said “All I’m saying is I saw this at a local game developer event worn by a Valve employee. #HalfLife3 #ValveTrolling

Now, either Valve has gone for a very low key announcement of Half Life 3 or, like Chandana speculated, they’re trolling the public. Stop teasing us!

Source: Twitter



  1. Hey, might not be total trolling. We’re bound to see Half-Life 3 at some point.

    • spike VGAs please.

      • Good call.It could be announced there.

      • Exclusive announcement at the Spike VGAs 2050!

  2. Probably just a studio in-joke. Though, surely, eventually, it will happen.

  3. Please let it be true as you can’t end a game the way Half Life 2 episode 2 did and not follow it up with a sequel. I know Valve runs on Valve time but hopefully they will annouce it soon and probably take 1 minute in valve time to develop it(aka 100 years :P)

    • I know, it’s horrible how slow they are… They do make fantastic games though, so I’m willing to wait, I just want it announced so I can be certain it’s coming…

  4. Tololololololololl. Bet he couldnt wipe the smirk off his face walking around in that.

  5. Not even funny, you don’t troll about HL3, you announce it!

  6. Would have preferred it if he was wearing a Left4Dead 3 shirt to be honest… :)

  7. Obvious semi-troll is obviously semi-trolling.
    HL3 will happen somewhere down the line, but I don’t think they would announce it like this. If they did announce it like this then Gabe would probably wear it the next time he went on stage at some event.
    Anyone could get such a t-shirt printed for a few bucks and

  8. They are such teases :(

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was an announcement at the VGAs.

  9. I want one of those! But surely that’s an indication of HL3 being on the way.

  10. I really should get round to playing the first two… I’ve had them on steam for about a year now so I really have no excuses >_<

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