Half-Life 3 Trademarked By Valve In Europe

There’s not really much more to say regarding Half-Life 3.  It may be the most anticipated title of whose existence we’re not entirely sure about, with a number of teases and false alarms regarding a reveal of the title. I thought it would have been announced as part of Valve’s trilogy of announcements last week, being the third and final one, but I was wrong.

However, it seems Half-Life 3 may exist after all as a trademark was made for the game by Valve on the 29th of September with the Trademarks and Designs Office of the European Union.



Before you get too excited it doesn’t mean Valve are about to lift the lid on the game, and this could just be a move to secure the trademark for future use. It’s a common enough practice that this could mean nothing. Then again it could mean everything.

Source: EU Trademark Office via GAF



  1. I’m holding out for Half-Life 4. 3 is old hat these days.

  2. Due to a PC and Console near you around 2020

  3. Counter strike will be out before Half Life 3.

  4. I still havent finished HL2EP1. Those damn black headcrabs give me the willies..

  5. Launch title for the new Valve console? Would be a system seller!

    • They’d be utterly mad to do that, think of the money lost by denying yourself multiple markets….especially with one of the most hyped and anticipated games of all time.

      I could see it being a very short timed exclusive for SteamOS, that way they grab themselves the sections of the Steam community that either buy a Steam Machine right off the bat or Dual-Boot the OS off of their existing machine – They do that and they’ll be able to tell prospective developers that theres “X amount of people already in the SteamOS install base”.

    • *Somehow i misinterpreted Launch as Exclusive……Apologies mate*

  6. Let me guess – Steam Machine exclusive?

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