Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Gets Cross-Region And Off-TV Patch

The Wii U release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate won’t launch with off-TV play, and it’ll be restricted online to playing with those from the same territory as you. However, Capcom have today announced that they’ll be bringing out a patch that’ll see to both of those issues.


“We’re pleased to confirm that a software update will be released in April for the Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate as a response to Capcom community feedback,” says the statement from the publisher. “The software update will add online cross-region functionality, allowing European and North American gamers to play together online in up to four-player battles.”

“Monster Hunters will also be able to play the game using just the Wii U GamePad without the need for a TV screen as the software update makes the title compatible with off-TV play.”

The press release also states that there’ll be “several months” of support for the game in the form of free quests – for both the 3DS and the Wii U, with the first additional hunt available at launch. Which, you’ll remember, is set for the 22nd of March. The patch is due in April.



  1. Good news, playing with Non–English players in MH Tri was a pain.

  2. Fantastic news – those were the two, seemingly ridiculous, problems that most people were complaining about. Glad to see Capcom listening to their community and putting both features in.

  3. Behold the power of a struggling platform! It will shower you with services unimagined!

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