Microsoft Holding Internal “Xbox” Meetings This Week

Internet super-sleuth Superannuation set hearts a fluttering last night when he tweeted that “select press are going to be at the Microsoft fiscal year 2014 event this week”, something that was immediately picked up by a rather over-excited MCV. The thought that we’d get some news out of Microsoft in the next couple of days is indeed an exciting possibility.

However, that’s not the case: the events this week aren’t for press at all, they’re internal, something that was confirmed shortly after on Twitter.

The meeting is Microsoft’s Financial Year 2014 event, which runs on Wednesday and Thursday this week. There are listings for “IEB Xbox Platform Overview”, “Xbox Platform Deep Dive” and “Xbox Games”, all of which can safely assume to be about next-generation titles. The events Microsoft staff can attend are apparently restricted by their roles, but this isn’t a press thing.

So, unless members of staff leak the information, expect little.

Microsoft are widely expected to do a press reveal of their new console in April. Following on from Sony’s February event in New York, the new Xbox is now overdue a showing and everyone’s keen to see how many of the PS4’s features Microsoft have also got working: they’re going to be all over that social sharing, for definite, but it’ll be good to see some games.


  1. I wonder if anything will sneak out. All the gaming press must be fascinated to see what emphasis Microsoft place on the casual gaming market and how they’ve ignored the hardcore gamer (somewhat) as of recent.

    • Microsoft have been especially tight with security this gen, the only leaks being the dev kits and that massive document. That’s pretty good for them.

  2. probably still trying to figure out what to call it

    • Xbox Ads:Hyper I want yer monies EX?

    • The event is just going to be a massive raffle where every one enters a name which the pick out of a hat and some one gets a cheap bottle of wine.

  3. I’ve heard rumours that MS are a bit worried following the PS4 reveal, as the Sony machine is superior to theirs. So they are aiming to release before Sony again. I also heard there will be a big focus on streaming TV, MS providing their own Netflix style TV channel to owners.

    • “their own style”? Sounds like the ads will be frequently interrupted by actual program :-D

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