Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 To Get In-Game Purchases

Black Ops 2, on the Xbox 360 at least, is to get in-game purchases called micro-items. These will be added to the shooter tomorrow. This is the first time Activision has used micro-transactions in one of their games.

Dan Armich, community manager at Activision, said these micro-items will be completely “optional” and he later went to describe them as “either personal customisations or nice little luxuries that I’ve seen players request”.


None of which will “affect gameplay”, but instead they will be “small, specific ways to enhance your online experience”.

The micro-items, called Personalisation Packs, will be priced at 160 Microsoft Points. Each pack will contain three weapon camos, three reticules and a bonus Calling Card. For the same price you can also add ten more Create-a-Class slots. The bonus ‘Flags of the World’ Calling Card is priced at 80 points, and 400 points will get you the Nuketown 2025 zombie map.

The multiplayer map of Nuketown 2025 will also be added for free tomorrow.

If Dead Space 3 serves as an example it’s not likely these micro-items will come as much delight to the gaming community.

These will no doubt be present in the PS3 and PC versions of Black Ops 2 in the future.

Source: MCV



  1. arsebandits. I’m starting to hate gaming

    • Why do you moan about weapon skins which exist in online gaming even 10-15 years ago?

      The problem is that they are not free now?

      • once the ball starts rolling my friend…and it already has. Next it will be guns and so on

    • Buy a nes. no annoying tutorials, trophies, dlc, patches or other nonsense. its what i did. when i get bored ill get a snes, then a N64….

  2. The ten extra create a class-slots, the nuketown zombies map and the free addition of the nuketown 2025 mp map all sound pretty decent tbh. Hope this comes to ps3 at reasonable prices.

  3. What are the actual costs of these? Never had any dealings with MS Points, just wondering how much they are charging for these.
    At least the micro-transaction content is aesthetic, aside from the zombie map, in my opinion if these are going to be included thats the way they should be, not to make an actual difference to ability or likelihood to succeed.

    • I’m guessing it’s just over one pound for the personlisation packs, and around £3 for the map.

      • Cheers :-)
        That’s not too bad really. Its CoD too so these will see tonnes.

      • 80 MS points is equivalent to 69p, and 400 points £3.43.

      • 41 quid for the season pass(which i was contemplating getting) & extra for another map & no doubt more to follow.

  4. I wouldn’t really class these in the same vein as the Dead Space micro-transactions. Buying new skins and reticles is hardly a groundbreaking new concept for any game. These are cheap DLC packs, I don’t see why they would cause any furor.

  5. Oh i see, i let Origami know about this on twitter and the bugger doesn’t give me credit. Bloody writers believing that they are above the community etc.. Next he’ll refuse to even venture into the forums and talk down to us. :op

    It will be interesting to see how the COD community will handle this also, this may mean that mircotransactions are going to be a part of gaming,whether we like it or not. Plus, COD doesn’t need this as it makes a lot of cash every year.

    • Oops sorry!

      Looking at it again, I have no quarrels with these micro-items, dont seem to do anything really, just a nice little addition :)

      • You have just made a very powerful enemy today. I won’t rest untill i have my vengance! I seem to be taking my revenge on a lot of things of late. :O

      • Out of curiosity since when did you have a custom tag?!

      • A few weeks ago. Suspect Al got bored as that is usually the case with the custom tags nowadays.

  6. is this where the ‘tache’ recticle has come from? or has that always been there?

    • Moustachio reticle is on ps3.

      • i don’t use the sight myself, but recently there seems to be an influx of people using this recticle

  7. Actually very surprised this is the first time they have been added. Thought they had purchasable skins ages ago for some reason.

  8. Wasn’t Guitar Hero an Activision game?
    I’d consider the individual song purchases a micro-transaction.

  9. As long as they stay away from offering weapons, perks and upgrades I don’t mind this kind of dlc/igp.

    • micro/dlc… They already sold a weapon with dlc, contradicting what an official spokesman prev said they’d never do.

  10. That’s actually not that bad; at least not Uncharted 3 bad, where multiplayer was ruined for me after IAPs started appearing.

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