Sound Shapes Update Brings You The Best of The Community

It’s so easy for games to be completely forgotten after release, for developers and publishers to move on and not push out content for their previous baby. When you’ve got a game like Sound Shapes that supports user created content that’s even easier, just let the community take care of the content while you focus on new projects.

Fortunately Sony aren’t taking that approach, and yesterday announced a new update for Sound Shapes to bring new content to the game. Interestingly the free update, titled The Community Milkcrate, is essentially a best of the community pack, highlighting the best user created levels. Why a milkcrate? Well as Mark Rabo explains “Perfectly sized to fit a record, the trusty milkcrate has been holding music collections for a long time,” something that a lot of our older readers will likely be aware of. For those of you who don’t actually remember vinyl, they’re like massive CDs.

Arranged into six themed albums, the update contains 35 new songs for the game, with each track coming with “liner notes” that contain “insights and interesting things to check out while playing them, kinda like a director’s commentary for levels.” Each album is also presented with its own interface, becoming a fully fledged part of the game.

The free update also comes with the ability to play community levels offline, a feature that’s likely to appeal to anyone who has the game on their Vita. Apparently all you need to do is select the level(s) you want to play offline and sync them to your console for offline play, much like Spotify’s offline mode.

New DLC was also announced at the same time, priced at $1.99 in the US. The Car Mini-Album & Creator Pack adds cars to the game, building a new dimension into the sound based platformer. The DLC sounds like it’s fully integrated into the game, adding new campaign levels, Beat School lessons and new elements to the game’s level editor to let you create your own car based chaos.

Source: PlayStation Blog


  1. Now I simply must stop waiting for Plus to give it away and buy. this. baby.

    • ugh I know, I reckon it will come one day to Plus but when?! I tried the demo and simply had to delete it for temptation of buying it.

      • Same here, it’s kind of a stubbornness on my part now. US got discounts for it for so long and now I want mine. But the temptation is definitely there. Great game.

  2. Fantastic. One of my favourite Vita games. Great for train journeys :)

  3. Cool update and a perfect excuse to start playing it again!

  4. I really need to sit down and try to get the double platinum for this game.

  5. Bought it after Skibs recommended it,glad i did as i have 2 new shiny platinum trophies added to my collection.

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