Community Chronicle: 17/03/13

I’m so tempted to start this off with the age old joke from prerecorded TV, and make reference to events that haven’t yet happened at the time of writing. So, I really have to congratulate that most talented F1 driver who won the race this morning. What a race, especially after yesterday’s crazy wash-out!

Lets not forget the Rugby either, with some rather fantastic games yesterday to cap off the Six Nations. Congratulations go to the Welsh, Italians and (looks like at the time of writing) French, winning their final games. Commiserations to England too, missing out on the Grand Slam in such a fashion.

But this feature isn’t about crazy future sports predictions, I leave that to the Sports Almanac. Instead it’s all about what’s already gone on!

We have a little treat for you this week in TSA Rigs. We’ve previously seen Peter’s shelf of gaming, and Kris’ little cluster of tech, replete with the then freshly released Wii U. This time around we get a little glimpse into the incredibly neat and tidy world of Al, who all of us know as Nofi.

That first image is simple enough, with a nice, wall-mounted TV and speakers, above a unit for all the tech. But it’s in the second shot that we get to see better that there’s a Wii U on the left, 360 on the right, and then two PS3s stacked on top of one another and tucked into one of the slots.

Madness, right? But now I kind of want two PS3s, myself!

If you’d like to share your gaming set up, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

It seems to have been a slightly quiet week for gaming, unless you’ve been watching Bunimomike and myself playing Splinter Cell: Conviction’s co-op. That’s some of the loudest “stealth” there has ever been, in fact it’s almost as loud and silly as finishing off a run through of Renegade Ops with Bodachi and Topgearsam. I just wish there was more of that lovely little game!

B_Cambo nabbed himself the Crysis 3 platinum, which sounds like it’s the fastest, with a little help and advice from Crazy_Del, who has the fastest Tomb Raider platinum. He’s now moving on to God of War: Ascension, a platinum that Wolf-OF-chaos is getting very close to, just needing to finish off a hard mode run. A fastest platinum to report for next week, perhaps?

Youles has also been gradually grinding his way to the Tomb Raider platinum via the multiplayer meets. At least he’s been enjoying his Dead Space 3 co-op with MadJunkBoy. In a similar vein, Eldave0 has been feeling a little lost with Tomb Raider, finding that it poorly apes the Uncharted series. Thankfully for him, finishing Uncharted 3 on Hard difficulty has been much more enjoyable and he’s shifting on to a Crushing run through.

In our final bit of Tomb Raider news, KeRaSh has reached the final fast travel camp and just needs to scrounge around for the last few GPS caches to hit 100%. That’s a lot of Tomb Raiding, you guys!

Elsewhere, Parryman took the WRC3 Vita platinum, whilst Tactical20 picked up the Saints Row 3 platinum, just in time for the Saints Row 4 announcement teaser trailer thing. Then again, he didn’t enjoy it as much as GTA, so maybe he’s not that fussed?

Johnnyboy finished the story and case missions of Sleeping Dogs, before moving on to a spot of Crysis 3, whilst Blast71 takes us back a little bit, having finished the Resistance campaign from Brink. Meanwhile, Moshbag has hit his 1000th trophy with the Doctor of the Peggle Arts gold trophy.

We round things off with two slightly niggly stories. Firstly, Taylor Made has been butting heads with a lack of contracts in Hitman: Absolution. Perhaps some kind of server issues? I’ve not delved into this side of things yet, but maybe someone out there can try and help him on his way to the platinum?

Finally, there’s Mcphatty, who relays a somewhat painful story:

I just counted 198 tedious chin ups in MGS2, then fell through a hole in the walk way. Argh!!!!! 200 more chin ups saw me nab the Steel Grip trophy. It’s times like this when I think I should get a different hobby…

That’s almost your lot, but you can head over to page two for the full trophy leaderboards. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. I thought the trophy thing updated automatically? Mines pretty out of date haha level 18, 26 platinums and 2798 trophies. Come on 3k

    • im with you Matt. 2927. but I wont be touching that 3000 mark till June when I finish my degree. Come on summer!

    • Trophy cards do not update automatically – You need to head over to the playstation website for your region, sign in & head to the portable id section (4th tab i think). You then need to hit the update button at the bottom of the page to ensure your latest trophies are displayed on your trophy card.

      Yes, it seems that Sony are stuck in the 80’s & automatic updates are a foreign language to them! ;)

  2. Great rig, and clever use of the minimal look that must hide gaming vastness!
    Lovely solid oak gaming cabinet with mahogany/rosewood inlay, or a high quality veneer job, either way top tackle!

    Wales seemed to be in a different league to the trounced England, probably the sea of red at the Millennium stadium and Steven cheering them on that helped. :P

    Awesome F1 season start, and great that it wasn’t the procession expected. Should be another diverse year! (spoiler free :P)

    • I was there!? I don’t recall being there and i could have sworn i was working(voluntary) yesterday. My memory must be more crap then i thought it was. Who are you again?

    • Absolutely fantastic job from the winning driver, and to think that the second man was so far behind!

      (This is why F1 games no longer have a commentary)

  3. Either Al lives in a department store or he is a machine that is capable of keeping his place clean. Or both. :O It looks like something you would see in a catalogue. Am a bit surprised he has not plastered his wall with Journey posters.

  4. Ah, the chin ups, what a stupid trophy that was! Nice setup Nofi, very tidy, apart from that one stray wire… I like the unit, very posh.

    • Yeah, that’s the TV aerial that produces a more lossy picture when it’s next to the HDMIs and stuff. It’s a cheap, pre-wired thing that I’ve not gotten around to replacing.

      • Ah gash, I know that trouble! I fashioned an iPhone-cassette player holder for my car, for music and satnav, and the mobile signal interference is terrible. I can’t replace the fiddly cassette adapter wire, or shield it, so the only course of action left is to get a new car… Or use aeroplane mode on the phone I suppose, that would be cheaper.

    • Just a tip – don’t do 200 chin ups, the drop grab is worth 10 chin ups so you are finished really quickly, if you leave the area and return it saves your progress if you die too so it’s pretty easy tbh. (drop grab – hang over one balcony, drop to a lower one and hit the button to grab it before you die, the engine room is an ideal place to do this).

  5. Are the two drawers for the two children to sleep in? :-P

  6. very nice and tidy setup!! alot less cables than i have!
    *thumbs up*

  7. Oh, yeah. That’s my living room. Had no idea this was going to be today – was expecting an interview or something, and a chance to show the rest of the setup. =D

    • Oh, sorry dude. Just send me more photos :)

  8. That is one seriously tidy set up. Jealous! Can I ask why 2 PS3s though? and dont you fear YLOD tucked in a hole like that? I’m scared now and pull mine out onto the floor when it’s in use (often stays there because i’m a messy sod).

    • One’s a debug test unit for non-retail games, that’s all. YLOD? Nah, they’re barely used… ;)

  9. nice furniture bud….like how the seX box is on top and the geeS3’s are hidden ….
    a lot like my set up ..don’t show the over priced internet ready blurry player to your friends and neighbors JUST in case they witch hunt you you and set fire to your house….

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