April’s PlayStation Plus Games Revealed

Mass Effect 3 and Dead or Alive 5 represented two of the best games yet to appear as part of the PlayStation Plus subscription but the games for April have now been announced.


Replacing EA’s sprawling RPG conclusion and Tecmo’s 3D brawler are Okami HD, Lord of the Rings: War in the North and The Cave. Vita owners will get Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward and – yes! – Thomas Was Alone.

The Cave is well worth trying (and is barely a month or two old) and obviously Thomas Was Alone is a brilliant indie hit in the making, only just announced for PlayStation platforms.

The PS3 games will be available on the 3rd of April, whilst Zero Escape appears on the 10th, and Thomas Was Alone on the 24th. Remember to grab this month’s games before they expire.

PlayStation Plus continues to represent fantastic value for money, providing a constant flow of new games each month. These latest titles might not be quite as weighty in terms of being big names, but Okami is great and it’s good to see the Vita getting some love again.



  1. Nice selection for PS3 there. I’ve already got The Cave on PC and Wii U, though.

    Typical of my luck on the Vita side of things – I won Virtue’s Last Reward in a competition a couple of weeks ago.

  2. 5 games I don’t own which is good but also 5 games I probably won’t have bought either. I’ll still give them a go.

  3. Looking forward to okami, was going buy it as well

    • “Okami is great” isn’t enough of a ringing endorsement, so I thought I would say “Okami is a breath of fresh air and so effing beautiful it will melt your cold, human heart.”

      It is such a joy to play, watch and listen to, if you have any amount of affection for Japanese culture this game is absolutely for you, but unlike most Japanese games, it’s stupidly easy as well, so no reason not to download it and see why fans vomit rainbows all over it.

    • I was planning to buy this in June.

  4. Finally a month where I don’t own the games (and its not f1 all stars!). Really wanted to try the cave but held off cause of the review here.

  5. Not really anything to make me say wow, I’ll probably try The Cave and Thomas was Alone.

  6. Great selection of games.
    I personally get more out of updates like this one than the AAA extravaganzas

    • Totally agree. Wasn’t interested in anything last month (GoW HD aside), but want everything here!

  7. Phew, a naff month (aside from Okami HD of course). Gives me chance to play through the 7 games I downloaded this week lol.

    • P.s. you guys forgot to mention that, providing you renew before Apr 10, you get 3 months extra free :)

  8. Not a bad selection, I enjoyed my play time LoTR: WitN!

    Reccommend checking it out. Especially when it’s already paid for.

  9. Not sure what else to say except the games certainly seem more recent. Last reward might be interesting but hardly a gripping game that I was expecting. Thomas was alone might be good, but I’d really like games such Dynasty warriors, Disgaea 3 or Modnations to come to Plus. It seems as though its always 1 main game and 1 indie/puzzler game which isn’t bad. ugh a wait for May now then.

    • I might add though it is a super update all in all though, can’t complain generally, not for what was paid for the sub.

  10. another great month.
    Okami HD, fantastic, i’ve still got the ps2 version on disc somewhere, but it’ll be nice to play it on PS3 in HD.
    and War In The North is a pretty damn good game, i really enjoyed it when i had it before, i traded it in a while ago but have been wanting to get it again.
    so getting it with plus is great news.

    the Cave is something of an unknown quantity for me, i’ve seen videos and it looks like it could be fun, ut it remains to be seen if i’ll enjoy it, but as part of my sub i’ve got nothing to lose by trying it.

    Zero Escape looks very interesting, and Thomas Was Alone should be worth a try.

    of course i have to bleedin get a Vita first.
    still, they’ll be on my download list waiting for when i do.

    and you know what would help with that?
    that price cut for the uk, if anybody from sony’s reading this, get on it eh. ^_^

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