Capcom Announce Duck Tales Remastered
The prize for most random and completely unexpected remake goes to… Capcom! The classic Nintendo platformer, Duck Tales, is getting a shiny HD makeover and is scheduled to hit PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U this summer for $14.99.

The characters will remain hand drawn while the background and platforms will be upgraded to vectors to allow for all sorts of snazzy effects and the original music will be remastered. New elements include a tutorial and a museum, “We’re literally pouring our heart and soul into this title, it’s going to play just like you remember,” said Capcom’s Rey Jimenez.


And now a very important warning: Do not watch the trailer unless you want to be humming the theme tune for the rest of the day, the music – taken from the original Duck Tales cartoon – is one of the most infectious tunes ever composed.

Now if only we can get them to make Aladdin HD as well…



  1. Woo-oo

    Quackshot please.

  2. “Please Stop E-Mailing Me For a Quote”
    haha! too bad mister no name but i think they got what they came for!! =D

  3. I hope they have the original game…..


    ….also what Chris said about Quackshot!

  5. Ehm… BBL play Duck Tales and watch Duck Tales on netflix…. SIMULTANEOUSLY!

  6. wow, way back in the archive for that one.

    i can still remember playing that game, oh so many years ago.

    how many people they’re marketing this at weren’t even born when the original came out i wonder.

  7. This is fantastic, it looks great! Hopes are high for a Vita version!

    • How about a litte Cross-buy/Cross-save?
      One can always hope. :)

  8. “Now if only we can get them to make Aladdin HD as well…”

    Not the Capcom one! The Virgin Interactive one for Mega Drive however…

    • yeah, that one was the better version, by far.

      • Yeah that was the version that got ported to the Amiga, was fab.

  9. Vita version would be amazing… Just been playing the tune via Bluetooth in the car…. Amazing!

  10. I loved the Aladdin mega drive version! Would pay good money for that! Would love another mega drive cOllecton with cool spot included!

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