Middleware Promises To Help Developers Port Games To PS3 And PS4 Easily

Sony have announced [via] that the popular middleware platform Unity will support the PlayStation 4 later this year, along with Sony’s other hardware.

The latest version of the software, expected to be in a usable state “in a couple of months” will support the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PS Mobile and Sony’s cloud gaming service.

“We’re hitting the ground running in the efforts to give you all more options to publish your awesome games,” said a spokesperson for Unity. “We’re looking to begin releasing these tools late this year, which means a beta lays somewhere in between.”

The middleware should, apparently, allow developers to port games between PS3, PS4 and PS Vita without too much additional effort.

Recent games built in Unity include Slender: The Eight Pages, Dead Trigger, the Vita’s Escape Plan and Shadowgun.



  1. That’s news to me, very very cool.

  2. Unity is a fantastic program, that’s good news for developers.

  3. A lot of people I know have moved away from Unreal Engine to Unity for making smaller games and most swear by it. Will be interesting to see what the consensus is between Unreal 4 engine and Unity when the developers have got more used to them.

  4. Great news for developers, and also for gamers.

  5. Great news :-)

  6. Excuse my ignorance but that article made zero sense to me. Can someone explain what Unity is? Is it a new engine?

    • It’s middleware, developers write alot of the code using the middleware tools and basically hit “compile for PS3”, and “compile for PS4” and “Compile for Vita”.

      Write once, deploy to multiple platforms. It’s not as easy as Imentioned, but that’s the essence…

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