XCOM: Enemy Unknown Incoming On iOS

One of the finest games of 2012, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is making its way to iOS devices this summer. The announcement was made during the Firaxis Panel at the PAX East event in Boston.

Seemingly, their aim is to provide a fully realised version of the game, with only a few changes brought on by the limitations of the hardware. Speaking to Polygon, XCOM’s lead designer Jake Solomon stated “The idea was to port the game fully, the one exception we made was to the number of maps in the game, but we still have all the destructible environments, there’s the fog of war — this is a full AAA game we’re porting. It really is XCOM.”

He continued, “I think that moving your soldiers feels super intuitive with touch controls. It was one of those things that was a challenge for us to figure out on consoles where you steer the cursor with the gamepad. It was actually much easier on the iPad because it mimics the PC in the sense that it’s easier to steer your soldier, because all you do is look at the screen and click.”

The conversion is being handled by 2K China, though quite clearly under the watchful eye of Firaxis, and will arrive this summer as a ‘premium’ app.

It’s safe to say that a touch-enabled version that you can take anywhere will sound hugely appealing to strategy game enthusiasts, and for anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to try it out yet, we could well find that it’s the most intuitive version of one the best strategy games of recent years.

Source: Polygon 


  1. Vita version please.

    • I thought that when I saw the news – hopefully after the iOS version they’ll be interested in porting a version to the Vita, it’s be a perfect fit.

    • A lot of people replied with this comment (including me), I hope Fraxis takes it seriously. It would be heaven to have Xcom on the Vita.
      There is a short video of the iOS version, while it seems to play fine, I always feel akward having to use touch controls… It doesn’t feel like a complete gaming experience.

    • Vita deffo. Xcom remains my top game of last year easily.

      after platting this not sure I can handle the stress of Vita as well :)

      Nah who am i kiddding – Vita = day 1.

  2. I seriously hope this sees an Android release too.

  3. Wonder if IAPs will reign.

    • Hopefully not if they’re pegging it as a premium app – I’m reckoning somewhere around the £15 mark like some of the bigger Square-Enix releases.

      • Quite easy genre to dump IAPs into though, only moderate tweaking to the upgrade trees needed really. Sadly.

        Id’s love to buy apps where IAPs reign, I wish they’d offer it as a choice. Real Racing 3 for example, I’d much sooner pay £5, £10 or £20 and have the game open up through standard progression rather than ‘faked’ mechanics like in RR3/Tapped Out etc

        These games are all passing me by as I refuse to get on board – I know publishers must be making good money but there does seem to be a growing number of gamers giving them a wide berth too.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised as on classic and especially Impossible are brutal so IAP may provide “extra” alloys etc and people WOULD buy them hell if they had that when I was on my 2nd month on impossible on ps3 i’d have sold my gran for the chance :D

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