Yoichi Wada Resigns As President And CEO Of Square Enix

Yoichi Wada, President And CEO Of Square Enix, has resigned.

That’s according to 4gamer [via] who claim Wada has stepped down to “make way for management reform”. Yosuke Matsuda has taken the up the role of CEO.


Square Enix are expected to announce an “extraordinary loss” [via] for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013. Today’s revisions to the publisher’s consolidated results forecast suggest that certain aspects of Square’s digital entertainment portions have seen “sluggish performance”.

Square Enix are now, as can be seen, planning major restructuring across the whole company, including development, organisation and business models.

The company expects to incur a loss of approximately $100 million for the last fiscal year.



  1. Ouch.

    It’s a good thing that Square Enix acquired Eidos when they did. Hitman, Tomb Raider and Deus Ex seem to have been massive money makers for them. Apart from that I can only really think of Final Fantasy as their other strong franchise. I may be being ignorant, but that’s all that really stands out to me.

    • Dragon Quest is quite popular.

  2. Maybe they should have focused on Versus XIII (or XV, whatever, they will call it..) instead of dragging out and milking XIII with two sequels that most people didn’t even want…

  3. Phoenix Down on Squaresoft and creates fights with Level-5 over jRPG throne….ow, what? must have fallen asleep, damn what a dream I had :P

  4. Pretty much a given seeing as all of their games are single player experiences. After all, games need a decent MP component to sell well these days. Sad but true.

    • Final Fantasy XI and XIV: A Realm Reborn?
      XI is getting a brand new Expansion Pack with two new Jobs after 10 years. Last I’ve heard it was still going strong and XIV is shaping up to be a huge step in the right direction. I’ve certainly enjoyed what I’ve played so far.

      • Whoops, my bad :-) I was thinking Sleeping Dogs, Hitman, etc lol

    • Tomb Raider had the best opening week (of any game) this year so far. It’s also the best selling Tomb Raider in the franchise.

      Bioshock Infinite will sell by the truckload too, I’m sure. I mean this nicely (and not aimed at you, Dave) but MP components can piss right off when they get in the way of solid SP experiences. If grafted on properly, sure, bring it on. However, when handled badly, what a waste of time and money!

  5. I’m surprised by this, Sleeping Dogs Hitman, Tomb Raider and Black Ops 2 are just a handful of their games that have been successful this year.

  6. Must be because their 20$ games on iOS aren’t selling that well…

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