Pottermore Out Now For PlayStation Home

Last year saw the release of the web-based fan service Pottermore. Users could delve deeper into the Harry Potter story through interactive books and story pages, and even engage in minigames with friends such as dueling. Today marks the release of Pottermore for PlayStation Home.


The PlayStation Home version promises fully realised 3D environments such as the Hogwarts Express and Diagon Alley, with more on the way. Players can compete in a variety of minigames and activities including book herding, card collecting and trading and wizard dueling (of course!).

You can also dress your character up in Hogwarts robes and take the Pottermore quiz, whilst competing against other players. There’s also the possibility to link up your account with your previous one, providing you’ve already been sorted into a house.

As a big Harry Potter fan myself, I’m looking forward to returning back to Home and heading to Diagon Alley.

Source: EU PS Blog.



  1. I guess it’ll seem authentic if everyone wears their Hogwarts robes..

  2. My alter-ego will have a look as well, she reguarly visits Home, when the controller is too tired to play games.

    • It might even have some free goodies.

  3. That actually looks like a bit of fun. Lovely architecture too.

  4. Pottermore on Playstation Home?

    Perhaps one might now call him Harry… *Puts on sunglasses* Squatter?!

  5. I had a little visit and it was fun. You get loads of new items and clothes for free and there are a lot of people. Plenty of games. I’ll be back !!!

    • My PS3 keeps crashing every time I load Home :/

  6. If home only launched with this type of support. oh well theres always next gen, if they can get home to run really liquify smooth and allow you to jump in and out of it between games using that game booting stuff where you can set up games in home and allow people to jump in (which no devs actually used except the devs for warhawk) it could turn into something quite cool

  7. I’m a what?!

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