Star Wars 1313 May Have Been Another 2 Years Away

LucasArts was closed down by its new parent company, Disney, yesterday. My initial reaction was one of horror that such a venerable studio could be so mercilessly shuttered by the money-grabbing suits at Mickey Mouse Inc.

However, after thinking about it a little bit, I’ve realised that basically the story was “studio that used to have some people there who made some games I loved 15-20 years ago closed down.” The LucasArts that was shut by Disney wasn’t the LucasArts that made Monkey Island and Grim Fandango, it was the LucasArts that made Star Wars Kinect. So while I hope everyone involved lands on their feet, I doubt I’ll personally miss that studio’s output too much.


But wait, I was pretty excited for Star Wars 1313. The as-yet Jedi-less action game that turned heads when it was demonstrated at last year’s E3 looked gorgeous and seemed to have an interesting approach – it followed a bounty hunter as he worked in the underbelly of Coruscant’s crime-packed walkways. And it’s very likely that this will never see the light of day (the studio is closed and the people are job hunting).

Again, that’s initially very disappointing. But, according to Christofer Sundberg of Avalanche Studios (Just Cause 2), his friends within the development team of 1313 said they needed another 2 years to finish it.

So, while the E3 demo was incredibly impressive, it was probably the only bit of the game they’d actually built at that point. A lot can happen in what would surely have been roughly three years since that first sighting and the game’s release and mourning the loss of something that had so many potential outcomes seems fruitless.

Let’s hope that Disney’s new approach for Lucas properties – to sell rights to make games for their IP – means that some great studios get some great properties to work with. Who knows, maybe someone will want to pick up the idea of 1313 and finish it?

Oh, and if they’re not making games at all any more, can Disney just give the Monkey Island rights to Ron Gilbert, please?



  1. That was exactly my thoughts. Disney ended up buying a lot of very good IP and t a company that hadn’t been that good at making games for a while.

    Disney have already tried making decent games like Split/Second but couldn’t make money from them, they were never going to like a company that weren’t at least making good games.

    The budget to keep 1313 going for another two years must have been fairly big. When Tomb Raider is struggling to sell enough despite being the best launch in Tomb Raiders history you can see why Disney wouldn’t want to take the risk.

    I’m really hoping Crytek go for Battlefront III so Crytek UK can finish what they started.

    • It’s not that Tomb Raider is not selling enough, the problem is that absudly high sales numbers have been projected to the shareholders.
      It’s a great start for a reboot and the next installment shouldn’t be as expensive to make as this one so it will be much easier to turn a profit from it.

  2. SW 1313 never really got me interested. It has to be said however, if such little footage and details (I never actually saw anything) got so many people interested, it could have turned out to be great.

    No loss for me though.

  3. Makes you wonder what their development process was for the title if it required another 2 years to finish. Apparently it was already in development for 4 years (I say apparently because I read it on twitter…and who knows where that info came from).

    If it’s true then they should never have shown it at the last E3. 2.5 years is a stupid amount of time to wait between an initial reveal and the launch day.

  4. What I don’t get is why is it called 1313? That can’t be based on our system of years. It’s a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. So what happened in star wars culture 1313 years before this game?

    • Or do they also believe in jesus? 700 years isn’t really a long time ago.
      Sorry about that pressed post before I’d finished.

      • 1313 may not refer to a year could be troop, solider ID or something else.

    • 1313 isn’t a year number, it’s a floor level on Coruscant.

      • curse you for already answering lower than my scrolling had taken me.

    • it’s the floor level on Coruscant’s surface.

  5. Just an HD remake of TIE Fighter… That’s all I ask…

  6. So my dreams of an HD remake of Day Of The Tentacle are out the window, as well as Willow 2 movie.
    Guess I’d better grow up.

  7. The engine looked very impressive and it sounded like a great, dark and gritty, adult Star Wars game that I would have loved to play on the PS4… I still hope they do something with the license and the assets. I don’t mind waiting two more years.

  8. I was looking forward to this game. Sucks that it got canned. And it doesnt seem like it will be revived anytime soon.

  9. Does anybody remember that Indiana Jones 3rd person action game that LucasArts were touting around a few years ago? It was supposed to have realistic impact / collision physics and the videos made for some interesting watching. I seem to remember a brawl on a SanFran streetcar that seemed good at the time…

  10. Just so you know, there is a “While” surplus to requirements in the first paragraph.

    • so there was, thanks.

      I just saw your comment while browsing on my phone and got out of bed to turn the laptop on and fix that…

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