Hackers Beat uPlay Security, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Already Leaked

According to GameRanx, hackers have found a way to circumvent Ubisoft’s uPlay system, and have opened up the range of games to be pirated. That range includes the still officially unannounced Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, above.


The site claims that the security is avoided via an “existing vulnerability in Ubisoft’s uPlay launcher” and the hack “tricks the uPlay executable into believing that the user has ownership over games that they do not own.”

This, perhaps, ties into the rumours that PC and next-gen console versions of Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag would require a constant internet connection for “connected features”.

Following many recent rumours that Microsoft’s next Xbox would have that requirement built in, and the general backlash against the idea among consumers, we’d have thought every publisher was re-examining any plans in this area. Incidents like this make it very easy for publishers to justify consumer-unfriendly measures like always-on.

Ubisoft are apparently yet to patch the uPlay system, although it’s widely expected that anyone caught doing this will be banned. Piracy, regardless of how its done, is illegal.



  1. Maybe they could beat the security so I could play the game I actually brought…

  2. Incidents like this make it very clear for publishers that consumer-unfriendly measures like always-on always explode in their faces.

  3. Personally I’m treating it as karma for the whole Rayman Legends fiasco…

  4. I’m in an annoyed mood since I just had to have a go at one of my staff, so I’m going to ask!
    Can you get an official loophole in instances like this? :P

    As for the game, I still don’t share the excitement for it. But I do think it is actually a very smart idea. Unique and nostalgic. Not a combo that should really exist by definition.

  5. There was also a big of gameplay leaked, which I was too late to before it was removed :(

    • It’s still viewable. I’ve seen a link on GAF and it looks like a perfect homage to 80s sci-fi / action movies.
      I’ve also read on GAF that is has been officially announced with a release date of May 1st…

      • That’s good to hear, I’m really looking forward to this one.

    • Gameplay looks just like Far Cry 3 (including a flourescent bow), but with an eighties retrofuturistic B-movie style.

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