AMD giving away Blood Dragon via ‘Never Settle’

For the last six months or so AMD have been running a promo called Never Settle, in which they bundle high profile games with each GPU you buy. The more expensive the GPU, the more games you get bundled in.

Currently, they’ve been giving away a mix of Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite and Crysis 3, but they’ve just announced that that they’re adding Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon to the mix. For everyone.


If you bought an AMD Radeon 7790, 7800 series or 7900 series GPU since February 4th, and have redeemed the code to get your free games, then you’ll get an additional email over the next few weeks to give you a free copy of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon too. Alternatively, if you’ve not yet redeemed a code or even bought your GPU yet, then FC3BD will be added to the mix when you do get around to doing so.

They’re also adding the Radeon 7770 card into the promotion, letting people who buy that get Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon.


If you ask me, these promos certainly helps take the sting out of a new GPU purchase, giving up to half the value of the card back in games which might not even have hit the shelves yet!

For more details on the promotion, head over to AMD’s blog post about FC3BD’s addition.

In related news, Blood Dragon has reared its head on Steam for pre-purchase at a price of £11.99, $14.99 and €14.99, which gives us a rough idea of how much it might cost on consoles. Steam are also bundling in the soundtrack by Power Glove which, I must say, was pretty damn awesome when I went hands on a few days ago.



  1. So that should translate to £20-25 on consoles then? This is going off the fact pc games are always cheaper.

    • Not necessarily. The Cave, as a recent digital release, is £9.99 on both Steam and PSN (ignoring PS+), and these digital releases can often have a rough parity.

    • Sure, but don’t forget you really can’t sell PC games these days. I already preordered my PS4 and payed for it with old dusty Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 games, that I never play anymore and were hidden away in a drawer.

  2. I’m really excited about this game, even though I’ll have to pay for it because I’m a prole that hasn’t bought a new graphics card recently.

  3. It’ll be good if there was one with DmC, I’m sure they did that before… maybe US only though. *bleah

  4. For 15€ I will purchase it. For 25€ they can keep it :)

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