Rumour (And Logo) Suggest The Next “Need For Speed” Game Will Return To The “Underground” Series

The Need For Speed games have – of late – struggled a little in terms of a consistent identity. Whilst technically strong enough, The Run and Most Wanted are both massively different games, and it seems that EA might have noticed.

This logo, appearing on EGM overnight, clearly looks like a mock-up. It’s basic, has repeating elements and probably took something thirty minutes to put together.

But, if it’s real, suggests that the next Need For Speed game, under development at Criterion again (we assume) will return to when the series was at its best: bodykits, neon, massive exhausts and ridiculous wheels. Yes, we’re going back Underground.

Big Ben and the Roman Colosseum are both featured in the looping artwork.

Two LinkedIn profiles of Criterion employees pointed to the studio working on an “unannounced racing title” which although is hardly a shock, does highlight that EA are still heading in this direction.

EGM say the game is aimed at current gen consoles.


  1. I haven’t enjoyed a NFS game since carbon and the underground games, says it all really.

  2. I spent hours with the Underground games. Would like to see that brand return.

  3. YES! take me back to the wonderful underground days!
    i want to costumize my vehicles!! ohh the joy!!! =D

  4. Would love to see & play a new Burnout game…..Paradise City was an ace game.

  5. Just because they’re going back to it doesn’t mean they’ll actually do it right, I hope so but after the last few NFS games I’m unsure.

  6. Underground 1 & 2 remain my fave games from the NFS series.

  7. This is good news if it’s true. Underground 2 was the last really good NFS game. Series went downhill after that. I hope they keep the ridiculous customisation from the original NFS Underground games. Nothing like taking a Peugeot 106 and making it a total Chav car.

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