Rumour (And Logo) Suggest The Next “Need For Speed” Game Will Return To The “Underground” Series

The Need For Speed games have – of late – struggled a little in terms of a consistent identity. Whilst technically strong enough, The Run and Most Wanted are both massively different games, and it seems that EA might have noticed.


This logo, appearing on EGM overnight, clearly looks like a mock-up. It’s basic, has repeating elements and probably took something thirty minutes to put together.

But, if it’s real, suggests that the next Need For Speed game, under development at Criterion again (we assume) will return to when the series was at its best: bodykits, neon, massive exhausts and ridiculous wheels. Yes, we’re going back Underground.

Big Ben and the Roman Colosseum are both featured in the looping artwork.

Two LinkedIn profiles of Criterion employees pointed to the studio working on an “unannounced racing title” which although is hardly a shock, does highlight that EA are still heading in this direction.

EGM say the game is aimed at current gen consoles.



  1. I really hope so, and that it’s open world like Underground 2…..the genre is missing a car-modding game! It would buy it Day 1, especially if Criterion were involved, as the latest most Wanted was very, very good.

  2. I spent was too much time customising my cars, I hope they do get make another underground game. Then hopefully we get another Burnout as I’ve missed those games.

  3. I only ever played Carbon, was fun bit never really got its claws in me.
    Keep meaning to pick up Most Wanted, was a huge Burnout Paradise fan.

    • Never understood why they wouldn’t try to create a Burnout /*insert new fictional city name* to sequel Paradise. Definately the best arcade racer this gen by far in my opinion.
      A new Underground would be most welcome, loved the series on PS2. It’d be stunning if they could re-create some of that vibe for PS3….oh and include YouTube upload in the menu along with the usual screen grab!

      • ‘re-create some of that vibe for PS3….’ and PS4
        I think the Underground games were the best NFS and would like to see another.
        A Burnout sequel on PS4 would be brilliant.

  4. A return to what made the series is a good idea, NFS isn’t quite the same without customisation. It’s still good, but in a different way.

  5. I loved Underground 2 so much, it was hiliariously fun & chavy at times.

  6. “…will return to when the series was at its best…”

    Oh, you mean Hot Pursuit from back in the days? :P
    I was never really a fan of the whole Underground direction…

    • I’m with you on this one, I was never a fan of the Underground games, I much preferred Hot Pursuit.

      • The original Most Wanted was best.

  7. NfS: Hot Pursuit (2010) was the only NfS I’ve ever enjoyed. Both Shift games are pretty awful & I thought last year’s Most Wanted was surprisingly poor (as I love Criterion).

    Wish EA would just get on with Burnout Takedown/Revenge updates, with Criterion of course.

  8. I miss Burnout…

    • So do I.

      EA need to stop relying on Criterion to reboot NFS and let them have another stab at Burnout. Saying that, maybe that is what they’re doing. We don’t even know if this game is happening, nevermind who’s making it.

  9. Watching that video really me want to play Underground 2 again. Loved that game on the PS2 so would love to see a remake as long as it has all the crazy customisation as well.

  10. Huh? I see Big Ben, Tower bridge (I think) and the coliseum (although maybe it isn’t, since it looks very London(y).

    Is the game going to be set in London? Or is someone trolling?

    • Oh wait, you actually mention that. How did I miss that?

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