Community Chronicle: 14/03/13

Have I mentioned this before? I’m not sure, but I’m looking for a term which has a very specific meaning. When October 21 2015 rolls around, if we don’t have flying cars, auto-lacing shoes, hoverboards and clothes which will dry themselves, not only will there be mass disappointment, but this still possible (if implausible) future will cease to be able to occur.

I want a term to describe the moment in time in which a fictional future-history becomes merely an alternate history, but as yet, have been unable to find one.

This makes me sad.

This week up sees us take a trip to visit Sitorimon’s rather extraordinary gaming set up. It’s pretty monstrous, to say the least! Below are a small selection of the photos he sent me, but you really should follow this link and get a better look at everything he has.

[Here are] some pictures of my rig and collection. I wasn’t able to get pictures of my Mega Drive, Master System & ZX Spectrum 3 collections, as I have them boxed under my CD collection and I’m half packed back up again for a flat move soon. Hopefully some will appreciate the time and effort I take into my biggest hobby. The picture of me shows off my Sim Racing team called BackMarker Brigade with my mascot Meep the Snail (last place ftw).

I’m more a lurker on TSA than a huge poster, but I’m more than happy to play a game with anyone!

I would also like to get a much bigger TV 32-40″ – any recommendations? I’m not a 3D, fan so will happily skip that feature.

I don’t know if its allowed but if at all possible but I do have a gaming Youtube channel if plugs are allowed? Random poor gameplay, quick looks, blogs, reviews and drunken nights of gaming to enjoy/laugh at my incompetence.

Let me think on that and get back to you, if plugging your Youtube channel is OK

Here’s that link again, to see the rest of his crazily huge games collection.

If you’d like to share your gaming set up, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

First up, congratulations are certainly in order for Greg, who hit the big 100 with What We Played this week. It’s a popular avenue for you all to share what you’ve been playing, and me to leech off to find out what you’ve all managed to achieve!

Cracking on with that, there’s been plenty of mopping up going on, with McProley sweeping along from completing the online trophies for Dirt Showdown, and heading strait for the platinum trophy this week. He’s also been putting in the hours in Tomb Raider online, with R1MJAW and Crazy_Del, and got for himself the Master Blaster trophy. I’ll admit that I’m a little hazy on what this entails, but I know TR has some lengthy grinds online…

Del and R1MJAW have also busied themselves, with R1MJAW pushing towards Dishonored’s platinum, after two runs through with differing levels of carnage. Del took the Prototype 2 platinum, whilst B_Cambo ran through the similarly super powered inFamous Platinum, a game I adored, but was improved on hugely by the sequel. I sympathise with the shard hunt, too.

Youles has been playing Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, finishing the main thrust of the story, as he aims towards the platinum. He’s also completed Tomb Raider, and hit the 3000 trophy this mark. Oh, not to mention putting up with McProley taking him on a wild goose chase with Dead Space 3!

Element666 took the Hitman: Absolution and Amazing Spider-Man platinums, whilst MadJunkBoy took on Jak 2 and Jak3 for their shiny, shiny trophies. Germanos has been strutting his stuff around the skies in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, completing all the missions in Free Mission at Rank A. Sounds like he enjoyed it, albeit not as good as Squadron Leader. (Oh, and he’s also looking for a little help with co-op trophies) He also finally charted the crushing difficulty on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, to take the platinum.

We have Freezebug taking the sole fastest record this week, with Absolute Supercars, a Ferrari Challenge offshoot, it would seem.

Finally, I just want to commiserate with Eldave0, whose Dreamcast died recently, and has had to buy a replacement. Still, that was one of my favourite consoles, and he should have much fun with his new one… as long as he doesn’t try and beat Tim Henman on Hard difficulty in Virtua Tennis 2, that is!

That’s almost your lot, but you can head over to page two for the full trophy leaderboards. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. Wow, that is a huge games collection and would give Del’s ample library a run for it’s money. Great rig ;)

    “In order to refresh your trophy card, log onto your PSN account at, head into your account settings, and manually update it from the My Portable ID tab”………………………….. Love the optimistic outlook in the face of defeat :P

  2. Teflon, you have mentioned our hoverboard-less future before, but it’s a crushing disappointment we can all moan about together so you carry on.
    Sitorimon, that’s a very big stack of PS2 games, amazing! And is that Rez I can see in the top left? I bloody love that game :)

  3. Wow what a collection of games! that must be at least 300 PS3 games and over a 2000 PS2 ones! Crazy stuff.

  4. @teflon- I can’t get the pm to work on my phone so here we go. I’m hopefully getting broadband on saturday morning, so should be able to run the leaderboard then.


    • well, looks like i have overtaken u in the leaderboards again AIR! ;)

    • Absolutely no problem, chap. Hope it’s all gone well so far!

  5. thats is an awesome setup Simon! i thought that i already subbed to ur Youtube channel! seems like i was wrong! :P

  6. WOW now that’s a games collection! and also subbed to Youtube channel.

  7. I doubt I’ll actually attempt to platinum Dishonored, it would require another 2 playthroughs (1 for a no upgrades run and the other a no kills or alerts run).

    I’m kinda disappointed that you didn’t see my update from last night though as I got the platinum for Guacamelee.

    • Oh, sorry dude. I tend to grab all the things on a Saturday afternoon. I’ll try and remember to include it next week, though. :)

      • No probs tef, It was kinda late-ish yesterday evening.

  8. Need to see the Spectrum collection, pls.

    • Ha! Deal :-) Plenty of six of the best cassettes in that mix. Thank you Your Sinclair!

  9. Have you ever counted how many games you have? That is one impressive collection!

  10. That’s a stunning collection, fella. Love the way you’re defending it with your life in the third photo. :-)

    • Will lay down life for an extra continue ;-)

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