Rise Of The Triad: 18 Minute Multiplayer Trailer

Rise of the Triad, due for release later this year on Steam, is a sequel to the hugely popular old-school first person shooter that – like this version – didn’t shy away from a little controversy.

This 18 minute video, with its cheeky titular nod to Battlefield 4’s 17 minute reveal trailer, shows off the game’s multiplayer – with the speedy gameplay that’s mostly missing these days in shooters.


The pace is ridiculous but there’s a market for this style of gameplay when everyone else is opting for so-called ‘realism’. Love that the bound pads and the iconic lifts have remained.

Oh, and the shrooms. Just say no, kids.



  1. Love me some Unreal Tournament, I mean ROTT :D

  2. This looks good but too fast for me. Not a big fan of the slow pace of modern shooters but somewhere in the middle would be good.

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