May’s European PlayStation Plus Content Revealed – Velocity Ultra HD, Anyone?

Alongside the most welcome addition of Hitman: Absolution to the PlayStation Plus fold for May are Catherine and MALICIOUS, all of which will be available on the 1st of May.


On the Vita, gamers can look out for shoot ’em up Sine Mora and – yes – Velocity Ultra HD will be your final Plus game of the month, available from the 15th of the month.

1st of May:

  • Hitman: Absolution [PS3]
  • Catherine [PS3]

8th of May:

  • Sine Mora [PS Vita]
  • Velocity Ultra HD [PS Vita]

April’s games will be phased out over the month, so if you’ve not grabbed Okami HD, Lord of the Rings: War in the North and The Cave you should do so soon.



  1. Amazing update, wanted Catherine for a while and it’ll definitely help me relax after a ball bursting Velocity session.

    Hope that is read properly!

    • Somehow I don’t think Catherine will help you relax it’s a total brain melter (especially the later levels).

  2. Whooo Fantastic service I have never owned any of these games. (Borrowed Hitman)
    Best month and probably best birthday too! ^^

  3. That’s a very cool lineup, I much prefer getting B titles I may not have tried otherwise over A-listers I’ve already got.

  4. not games i was eager to buy, so it’s good i’ll be able to play them as part of my sub, but that also means they’re not exactly my most wanted titles.

    still, i have been wanting to play Catherine, i’m just not a fan of the puzzley bits if the demo is anything to go on.
    though i’m eager to see more of the relationship bits.
    and the Hitman game got good reviews, so i’ll give it a try.
    not real familiar with MALICIOUS, is it supposed to be all capitals like that?
    looks like it could be fun though.

    overall a decent month, not one of the best, but by no means bad.
    in my opinion that is, for some it might be a great month.

  5. Great line up. Really wanted to try Hitman and crazy Catherine since they came out.

  6. I already have Catherine but am delighted that people who may not have even second glanced at this wonderful game will get a chance to try it out. The story, despite its ‘typical anime/manga’ visuals, is surprisingly full and tackles important aspects of love, relationships and life in general. One of my favourite games this gen and my GOTY last year by a long shot.

    Aside from Catherine, I already have Hitman too XD

    • I skipped Catherine it looks just to barmy to me but as it’s now ‘free’ I’ll more than happily try it out. I’ll sell my physical hitman once I’ve got the download version, no sense in having 2 copies

  7. Just picked myself a 2nd hand Vita up off ebay, looking forward to being able to donwnload all the free content I’ve collected since they launched it on Plus.

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