May’s European PlayStation Plus Content Revealed – Velocity Ultra HD, Anyone?

Alongside the most welcome addition of Hitman: Absolution to the PlayStation Plus fold for May are Catherine and MALICIOUS, all of which will be available on the 1st of May.


On the Vita, gamers can look out for shoot ’em up Sine Mora and – yes – Velocity Ultra HD will be your final Plus game of the month, available from the 15th of the month.

1st of May:

  • Hitman: Absolution [PS3]
  • Catherine [PS3]

8th of May:

  • Sine Mora [PS Vita]
  • Velocity Ultra HD [PS Vita]

April’s games will be phased out over the month, so if you’ve not grabbed Okami HD, Lord of the Rings: War in the North and The Cave you should do so soon.



  1. Vita wise it seems a little odd. I was expecting one main game and one indie game. Sine Mora is ok, but it isn’t a full game. I know ps3 is strong in may, but come on with vita. Ugh.

    • Sine Mora is a full game what you on about?

      • As is Velocity Ultra.

      • I’m talking about a full hard copy release which maximises PS Plus value. I’m not dismissing them as full games,but they are indie and digital and imo arcade style. I just expect something more substantial.

      • Bloody hell ,no pleasing some people. Hitman £40, Sine Mora £15, Velocity £6.50, Catherine was £40, so thats £101.50 worth of games for about £3.

        Even taking in to account price decreases, its still a ridiculously generous package for £3 a month.

    • to be fair as well for the money we pay the Vita content is over generous.

      • Fair enough. But the way Sony markets plus with an abundant igc collection, I guess I just expected more. I don’t have a PS3 anymore because I don’t have time. So I rely on strong vita content.

    • Its not a cartridge game basically or a big game? I kinda find it disappointing too even after Virtue’s Last Reward was offered. Doesn’t help that both games are shooters.

  2. Catherine has loked pretty interesting (and very screwed up) so looking forward to that. Velocity isn’t my kind of game however.

  3. Well that’s odd, they seemd to have picked every single game I meant to buy but never got round to.

    • Same for me! Except ridiculous not heard of thAt.

      • Ha I mean malicious. Told you I hadn’t heard of it.

  4. Holy crap. An awesome month for me! Still not played this months games.

  5. These are good news, specially since Catherine is one of those games that has never dropped enough on price for me to purchase :)

  6. Good month. Catherine and Hitman for me :-)

  7. Might give Hitman a go but still busy with Mass Effect 3, which I’m enjoying more than I thought I would.

    • great game love all the Mass Effect games.

  8. F*ck yeah. Some good stuff right there.

  9. love it the service that just keeps on giving :)

  10. Apart from Hitman: Absolution (which I’ve already completed) I’m looking forward to everything else.

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