WeView Verdict: DmC: Devil May Cry

Not Deathmatch Classic apparently.

Well this was a rather quiet week it seems. I’m always a bit concerned about selecting newer games for WeView, and evidently it’s been a bit of a problem this week. It’s a real shame too, as I think DmC is a simply fantastic game, even if the PS3 version did have some performance issues when I played it. As someone who’s new to the series, though, it was a great starting point, and really made me want to play earlier titles.

Eldave0 agreed with my assessment of the game, calling it “Easily one of the best of it’s genre.” He went on to say that:

The story is enjoyable, the visuals are great (some of the stage designs are amazing) and the wealth of difficulty options means almost anyone can sit down and have a good time playing this one.

Fanboys will no doubt say otherwise but I personally found DmC to be the best of the series by a country mile. If you have even a passing interest in the genre, BUY IT!

I have to say, I completely agree with almost everything he had to say. While I felt that the visuals were a little lacking in the cut-scenes, they were absolutely brilliant when you were in control. It’s always good to see a developer fully throwing themselves behind they stylistic choice.

When DmC was originally announced there were many long time fans who were wary of the game’s reboot, but ultimatepunchrod wasn’t amongst them. They described themselves as “a huge fan of the old series”, and were excited to play DmC from the moment it was announced. Fortunately, the game was one of those seemingly rare titles that actually lived up to the hype, at least in ultimatepunchrod’s view. They found that “The combat was fluid, responsive, and looked awesome; the story was the best in any game in the series; and the visual style of the game was unique and beautiful.”

However, it wasn’t entirely good. They did feel that “the boss fights were almost ridiculously easy” and found the general difficulty of the game to be “pretty low compared to any other DMC”. However, they did round things off by saying that “In short, if you like 3rd person action games and you haven’t bought this yet, you should.”

Next we turn to rept0n. Although they weren’t really a fan of earlier Devil May Cry titles, the presence of Ninja Theory and Alex Garland drew them towards DmC. Unlike ultimatepunchrod they praised the game’s bosses, picking out Bob Barbas and Succubus as being particularly good.

However, they did have a complaint relating to the final boss fight, which they called “impossible (unless you know how).” Their problem with the was that it “Seemed so odd to put a timed combination attack that you have to get second and button perfect at the end of the game, without requiring anything like that before (or giving any sort of hint – that I remember).” I must say that I also had issues with the final boss fight, and it really felt like it broke the rules that Ninja Theory had set up for themselves throughout the game.

And that’s about it for views of the game, so now we turn to the verdict. Buy It and Rent It picked up a single vote each, but I’m going to classify ultimatepunchrod’s comment as Buy It rating to break the dead lock. You really should go out and grab the game.

Finally, it’s time for the poll. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch will be tomorrow’s WeView title, and it looks like it should be a lot more popular than DmC was. At the other end of the scale is MLB 12: The Show, which also drops off next week’s poll. Replacing those games are F1 2012 and, in honour of the start of the NBA Playoffs, NBA 2K13. As always, you have until Sunday to get your votes in.


  1. I’ve literally just started this on the PS3 – completed the first two missions. The visuals are a lot rougher than I expected and in some fights the camera’s rather unhelpful (enemies off screen that are difficult to target). I’m hoping/expecting it to pick up and hopefully I’ll enjoy myself more as I progress through the game.

    • I share your view. I sometimes wonder if reviewers got supplied with a different version of the game. It is a good game, don’t get me wrong. It is however nowhere close to the picture painted by some of the reviews. The camera is awful, the visuals are sketchy and the controls can have dips into vulcan mind meld moments.

      • Most press got 360 version, which I understand is a lot better. I got the PS3 version and was less impressed by the camera or visuals (particularly in the cutscenes), but I had no issues with the controls. They’re absolutely wonderful, as is the combat.

  2. I oddly thought it had the best camera of the series (which has been hounded on about the camera since the unspeakable “camera”, if your willing to call it that, of the first dmc). I agree with the visuals in cutscenes being a little poor, but in all, I felt the art style and presentation weren’t hindered by it. The controls I felt where fluid and fit the standard of the dmc franchise while still switching it up from previous dmc games.

    • Btw I had the ps3 version. I know it makes a difference. At least the difference wasn’t as bad as the difference between the Xbox and ps3 bayonetta…

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