NASCAR The Game: Inside Line gets European release on 1st May

I was quite tempted to slap a great big “EXCLUSIVE” in that headline, because it seems that nobody else in the world is reporting that Eutechnyx’s most recent NASCAR title is making its way across the ocean for a European PSN-exclusive release next week.

If you remember, NASCAR The Game: 2011 also got a belated EU launch last July, and though a fairly niche motorsport outside of the US and released 16 months later, it still managed to steal the top spot on the EU PSN charts. So for fans and newcomers alike, it’s good to see that this is a much shorter 6-month delay from the original US release date, and you can expect improvements across the board, from graphics and physics to career mode and beyond.


There’s no indication of pricing just yet, and I’m not sure we can read too much into the £7.99/€9.99 price point of 2011, so just keep an eye out on the 1st of May if this is tickling your fancy.

If you’re dying to see some bullet points on what the game will contain, just follow this link to their announcement.

Here’s a little video for your enjoyment:



  1. Is this the American version of F1?

    • Ha! No, that would be IndyCar, wouldn’t it? Open wheel, open cockpit etc. etc. NASCAR is something quite unique.

      • IndyCar? Never heard of it, I’m looking for something to replace F1, it’s beginning to be like football same 4 teams at the top

      • This supposedly has good career progression, with garage & sponsorship branching tree.

        AI occasionally dodgy in pit lanes though, but it’s supposed to be a very solid racer

  2. Awesome! I really enjoyed 2011 and I wanted to get this one on disc as well (imported 2011 before it came over here) but I doubt it’ll be 7.99 as its still full priced in the US. #want

    • I imported 2011 as well, even though it’s made just 35 – 40 miles away from me.

  3. F1 – tick, NASCAR – tick, Touring Car – hopefully tick Grid 2. All we need now is a new Indycar game, the last one was 2004 on PS2 (Codemasters).

    • IndyCar is included in the Race Day edition of GRID 2 I think. :)

  4. Oh wow, totally going to have to get this! So should everyone else!


    • …he said, totally unbiased :P.

      • You’re confusing him with @JamboGT, who works at Eutechnyx. Very similar names, but clearly two totally different people.

        We don’t like GT, but plain Jambo is alright.

      • @JamboGT could just ‘borrow’ a copy from work.

      • Yeah… you can’t trust that JamboGT!

    • Yeah I remember you advising me when I’d bought Nascar the game 2011 that ‘Inside line’ was the one to look out for next and a big step up. I’ll not be missing this!

  5. We go LEFT and then we go STRAIGHT :) Win win tactic :)

  6. Tempted to pick this up when I’ve got some income. :P Although, by that time, surely the new NASCAR game will be out? Haha. Jambo, talk to that GT fella and tell him to get the big cheeses at Eutechnyx to do a unified worldwide release for the next game! :P

    But yeah, great news that it’s coming over here! :D

  7. Great game, got myself a copy.

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