NASCAR 2011 Tops The European PSN Charts

The Ratchet and Clank Trilogy has been knocked off its top slot this week as Eutechnyx’s NASCAR 2011 takes pole position in the European PSN download charts.

The chart, courtesy of this week’s MCV magazine, shows the circuit racer in first, the triple pack of adventuring classics in second and thatgamecompany’s Journey still holding onto third.


The Walking Dead Season Pass is doing well, too, appearing in fourth place.

The rest of the chart is available to subscribers now.



  1. What an odd game to be doing so well. I wouldn’t have thought there’d be that much interest this side of the pond. Guess it shows what a sub-£10 price can do for a game.

  2. Sweet :P

  3. Awesome, its a fantastic single player game even if the online system is a bit broken :)

    • Wonder if that’ll mean Nascar Unleashed will make its way over. Especially since kart racers are in this season

      • It is available over here, £25.99 @ (third party seller). I’ve been considering purchasing the game after enjoyng and completing Nascar 2011 the game.
        I have heard from an insider that Unleashed is far better than Nascar 2011, so it could be worth a look ;)

      • NASCAR unleashed is not a sequel to NASCAR 11, the sequel is NASCAR The Game Inside Line, not out until November though!

        NASCAR unleashed … lets not say anything about that, made by a different company altogether.

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