Metro Last Light Might Be Heading For PS4

I don’t know anyone who speaks Ukrainian, unfortunately. If I did, I’d ask them to double check the video above and confirm the translation made by one of the users over on the LastLightForum.

According to that multilingual fan, the video confirms a number of new details about 4A Games’ sequel to the brilliantly atmospheric Metro: 2033. I suggest that you think of this as an unconfirmed report or a rumour until someone from an official source says something in a language we understand (which will definitely be sooner than I can learn Ukrainian).

Apparently, there will be a PlayStation 4 port, probably including a copy of Metro 2033. Last Light is scheduled for release on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on May 14th in North America and 17th in the UK. 4A Games is considering a release for the multiplayer portion of the game separately via digital distribution channels like PSN and XBLA.

The game is said to be finished and the team is now working on five single player DLC story missions that will approach the narrative through the eyes of other characters. This was not content cut from the game and work started on it after the main game was wrapped up.


  1. I won’t be surprised, given how they’ve said it’s very easy to port pc games to ps4, i expect we’ll see a lot more of it. Looking forward to it on PS3 in the meantime.

  2. A PS4 makes sense. The detail on the previous Metro game was pushing my XFX 3GB 7950 enough already although they appear to be utterly addicted to insane polygon-counts in the Metro games. Very high count on the characters, etc..

    I’m hoping the current engine is looking nicer but optimised so it doesn’t rag my 7950 but not to worry if it does. God knows how this all looks on the console versions. I should go check!

  3. Somehow this game completely escaped my radar. Just had a quick browse through the site and caught up on the hype and its looking quite promising. I’d never seen the original either.
    As for the fact I wasn’t expecting it I guess I could wait for it to be ported to the PS4 before buying it. Thats if it is being ported as my Ukrainian is a bit rusty nowadays too.

  4. Expecting to see a lot of PC games ported over to PS4 and Next Gen Xbox, so this does’nt come as a huge surprise.

    Played Metro 2033 from start to finish on 360, loved the atmosphere within game, but gameplay did’nt really grab me.I’d slogged through the book as well, weeks before playing.

    The sequel i’ll be keeping an eye on, but so far, nothing grabbing my attention in a big way.

  5. *”What on gods green earth is he saying?”.

    • Shame it isn’t in Polish or I could ask my neighbour, or if it was in Portuguese I could ask my other neighbour.

  6. I think he said the end of the year for next generation consoles, so presumably the new Xbox too.

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