Curiosity Cube Has Just 50 Layers Left Before It’s Opened

22cans have just issued the above video which, after a couple of minutes of flashing imagery, reveals that there are just 50 layers left on the Curiosity cube before it’s done.


It seems that it’s nearly over, and whatever’s inside the cube, something that has been the subject of much discussion, is just around the corner. Well, around eight corners, anyway.

A couple of outlets have speculated that we’ll get through the remaining 50 layers on or around the 21st of May – that’s when Microsoft will announce the new Xbox.

Peter Molyneux has today said he’ll be attending the Microsoft reveal.

“There are only three people in the world that know what’s in the cube,” said creator Molyneux in an interview recently. “Myself, the sound engineer who recorded the sounds of the final video and one other person.”

“The answer to what’s inside is as interesting as the journey to the centre. What’s in there is as experimental and thought-provoking as the whole game.”

“It is definitely life-changing, by any measure, and it’s only possible into today’s world.”

Those still playing will need to update the app to the latest version.



  1. Wohoo! *epic sarcasm*

    Soon it will be over and for anyone that’s left caring they can know what anti climatic piece of crap is inside the cube

    • +1. Couldn’t of said it more aptly.

  2. “Life-changing.”

    “Only possible in today’s world.”

    I’m beginning to wonder- is it going to reveal a gadget of some sort?

    A tablet, smartphone or (dare I say it) console?

    Curiosity could turn out to be one of the most elaborate marketing ideas ever…

  3. Still a brilliant concept. Would love to see some stats. How many players, average time spent etc.

    Hope to see more experiments like this.

    • I’d like to know how much money they’ve made from it. I agree it’s been a great concept, but the internets seem to have got bored of it a good while ago :)

  4. Something easy to be sarcastic about, Whilst I only played it for about 2mins – at the most, I think it’s a pretty good experiment.

    Hopefully 22Cans have learnt a lot about netcoding & usage spikes particularly around launch.
    I wonder if the person who wins it will go public & how they will prove they’ve won, or if anyone will purchase the £50k hammer in effort to grab the prize.

    I also wonder if people continued to play it to idly tap away the time, or if they want to create some artwork, or if they feel they’re working together towards a common goal… or if it actually is all about the prize.

    Interesting experiment.

    • It might’ve been an interesting experiment to a small demographic but the ambivalence of absolutely everyone I know is palpable to say the least.

      I’d be happier reading about things like this if Molyneux didn’t come across like such a bloody idiot – most of the time! :-\

  5. Hopefully Peter (Molyneux, not Chapman) will remove the final layer and it will contain egg which subsequently goes all over his face.

    • You’ve no idea how happy it makes me that there’s a situation where someone feels the need to draw a distinction between me and Molyneux :D

      • You two are poles apart, almost 180 degrees alphabetically speaking!

      • Plenty of time to make distinctions between the two Peters. One is a hyped up boss of a company constantly dining off long-gone glories and the other an up and coming media entrepreneur mogul who’s got his sites set on global media domination (thought gross hyperbole was appropriate given the topic of discussion is Mr Molyneux);)

  6. Would not be surprised if it was the MS reveal for next console. “Whats in the box?” and xbox. It’ll probably give the winner the first available xbox before it is released. Pretty decent “money can’t buy” prize and a great advert for MS.

    • Yep. This.

      • There would be an absolute shitstorm if that’s the case (or at least there should be)!
        The whole point of curiosity and it’s microtransaction model was that you pay for better tools and wear away the cube faster if you so please.
        If this is nothing but a marketing tool for the Xbox that would mean that, irrelevant of what you spent, there was no way to speed up the process, it was always going to be “completed” to coincide with the Xbox launch event.
        Which means it didn’t matter whether you bought the diamond chisel or stayed with the original one, the cube would only be “opened” on a specific date.
        So essentially “Here, pay for something to speed up a process that has a timed resolution, whether you pay or not it will end on date x, so really what you’ve paid for won’t speed things up at all”. That is essentially fraud, selling something under false presences (you can’t speed up something with a fixed release date unless you own a time machine).
        And if it “coincidentally just so happens to be completed to coincide with the launch, oh what luck” colour me VERY suspicious. There’s coincidence and there’s “coincidence”.

    • This. I think the winner will get the Next Xbox before release. Something like that.

    • I think that would actually be quite good, it can’t be a game or anything like that if only 3 people know, but I guess a lot more would have to know if this was how they revealed the console/gave the first one away. I guess more the 3 people could know, but Molyneux wouldn’t lie to us would he!?

    • It would require many more nods than those of a delirious person, a sound designer and another person to pull something like that off.

  7. I’ve never even heard of this before. Have I been living under a rock, that video makes me feel like I have

    • You missed absolutely nothing. I wish I only found out about this today…

  8. I actually cant wait for this, i bet its going to be hilariously un-life changing. just cant trust a word that guy says, and even if i did would it not be better if he said as little about it as possible so’s not to raise expectations too high??

    • Raise expectations? Peter Molyneux? Surely not. Look under gross exaggeration and unfulfilled promises in the Oxford English Dictionary and a black turtle neck be-clad Peter will be smiling back at you. Bullfrog? More like Bulls£it!

  9. F**k that! Unless there is a large vein of gold / silver ore, rare gems and the odd Vampire Miner or black gel – i aint chippin away at anything!
    I can see how people are curious / interested and whatever is inside has many talking about it – which is obviously a primary objective in which it is succeeding.

  10. absolutely fucking pointless and anyone who paid to do this needs their brain readjusted in my opinion

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