Someone Wins Curiosity And Now We All Know What’s Inside The Cube

This evening, one UK tapper hit the final block on the final layer of the Curiosity cube. That means we have a winner and that winner decided that he would disclose his prize. We finally know what’s inside the cube.

It’s a tiny Peter Molyneux!

Not really, it’s just the notorious British game designer giving a lengthy presentation about 22Cans’ “experiment”. The winner of Curiosity gets a prize that Molyneux has claimed would change their life. The prize is “the ability to be a digital god”. Basically, the winner gets to be the god in 22Can’s upcoming game, star of its own Kickstarter campaign, Godus.

So, the winner gets to make up the rules of the upcoming god game. They also get a “small piece” of every penny spent on the game. It’s all predictably hyperbolic and a little bit ridiculous. But hopefully the winner is happy with their “prize”, the money they get should be a bit of a windfall – if anybody actually wants to buy Godus.

The definition of “life changing” is, of course, completely open to interpretation. I just drank a can of delicious Diet Coke and now my life has changed because I’m not thirsty any more. So 22Cans might have awarded the winner with a sparkling beverage and a firm handshake without technically breaking their lofty promise. But it’s my opinion that this prize is a bit silly and, cut of the takings aside, not much of a prize at all.

What’s inside the cube? A lofty promise of something in the future that doesn’t mean a whole lot of anything unless that thing is successful. Sounds like the perfect ending for a Molyneux production.


  1. I like criticising Molyneux as much as the next guy, but I think this is a pretty cool prize. The winner gets to dictate the rules of the Godus game, while getting a small cut of the profits. I wouldn’t be complaining if I was in his position!

    • I love Peter Molyneux, I really do think he’s brilliant and his enthusiasm is so infectious.
      But this whole Curiosity thing started out very interesting and then seemed to veer into very murky moral standing and I think this prize (aside from the “small piece” of the profits, which is basically some free money) is just utter nonsense.
      Still, each to their own, I suppose. It only really matters that the winner is happy with it, after all :)

  2. So all along it was a form of viral advertising for Godus. It’s pretty ridiculous, yes.

    I bet Godus will be successful though, it’s a god game from Molyneux. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the guy that won gets quite a bit of money from it. Then he can buy himself a real pissing prize.

  3. You’d have thought he could have recorded a video where he didn’t make mistakes and wasn’t looking at an autoprompt, but what else was anyone expecting? A cash prize was the best anyone could have hoped for.

  4. What if the winner decides the rules should be completely crazy. Eg. that you have to murder children and rape sheep’s, plus make bananas rain from the sky every 3 minutes.

    • You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  5. I wonder who spent the most amount of money on this and more importantly how pissed they are that they didn’t win.

  6. Something about your view on “life changing” has made me smile. Not really sure why but think that description was awesome.

    • It’s true though.

      Maybe it says more about people’s own perceptions, greed and so on that life changing needs to be infinite money or something that’ll make everything else stop.

      The smallest things, eh?

      I don’t think this ‘prize’ is that bad. Inflated by Molyneux and the hype, sure, but it’ll still interesting.

      Wonder when he thought of it.

  7. Huh? Oh, it’s ended and you can be a god and make up the rules. What a disappointment and it is really not a good idea to let someone make the rules of your game as they could take the piss. Suspect 22cans will block any rules that don’t match their game as it’s too risky to let all rules go through and it ends up being a mess. Am disappointed it wasn’t a GIF of Peter(Not our Peter) giving everyone the bird or Peter(Our peter doing the same but swearing as well. :p

  8. I think this is a pretty cool prize really. You get to be the star of a likely well known game, dictate the rules and share the profits. However small that input and profit is, that is still a claim that not many people can make outside of the game development world. I would have been happy with that.

    • Yeah, but that’s like telling you I showed my bollocks to a friend when I was younger. It’s a niche audience and probably changed his life in some insignificant way without anyone else knowing (except, maybe, the police).

      The moment he started talking in the video you could feel the pomposity; the self righteous pretentiousness and grandiose words dripping from his egocentric trap.

      I hope that the winner is happy with it but I, for one, would be utterly gutted! For me, Molyneux has not only sunk a notch but has failed to come up with something that the winner might’ve liked! I would’ve come up with three options and offered them to the winner so they could choose something that makes them happy.

      Meh. Tool!

      (him, not you). ;-)

      • I don’t know about insignificant, my life was irreversibly changed after you showed me your bollocks.

      • I totally agree with you, bunimomike, but I honestly expected the “prize” to be something like a “life changing” personal speech from Molyneux. Considering what I imagined the prize to be, this is like winning the lottery. :P

  9. Where’s TuffCub to comment on this? That’s all I’m waiting for…

    • I’ve been away in the wilds where there is no interweb.

      Here is your much awaited comment: Meh.

      • I want my cash back as that was an awful ending. Meh? What a lacklustre comment. Damn Peter and his overhyping! :P

      • This comment leaves me fulfilled.

        With Meh.

  10. Pity you didn’t get to hit him too ;)

    Nah, this is exactly the prize I said it would be and quite a good one :)

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