Someone Wins Curiosity And Now We All Know What’s Inside The Cube

This evening, one UK tapper hit the final block on the final layer of the Curiosity cube. That means we have a winner and that winner decided that he would disclose his prize. We finally know what’s inside the cube.

It’s a tiny Peter Molyneux!

Not really, it’s just the notorious British game designer giving a lengthy presentation about 22Cans’ “experiment”. The winner of Curiosity gets a prize that Molyneux has claimed would change their life. The prize is “the ability to be a digital god”. Basically, the winner gets to be the god in 22Can’s upcoming game, star of its own Kickstarter campaign, Godus.

So, the winner gets to make up the rules of the upcoming god game. They also get a “small piece” of every penny spent on the game. It’s all predictably hyperbolic and a little bit ridiculous. But hopefully the winner is happy with their “prize”, the money they get should be a bit of a windfall – if anybody actually wants to buy Godus.

The definition of “life changing” is, of course, completely open to interpretation. I just drank a can of delicious Diet Coke and now my life has changed because I’m not thirsty any more. So 22Cans might have awarded the winner with a sparkling beverage and a firm handshake without technically breaking their lofty promise. But it’s my opinion that this prize is a bit silly and, cut of the takings aside, not much of a prize at all.

What’s inside the cube? A lofty promise of something in the future that doesn’t mean a whole lot of anything unless that thing is successful. Sounds like the perfect ending for a Molyneux production.


  1. I’d ask to have a side mission added to every level that all link together, promising untold delights and then when you complete the final mission, you unlock something completely useless – like a cube, which falls from the sky only to land on a tiger.

  2. Well I hope all the morons that paid to do anything with this game are satisfied, if you’re not you only have yourself to blame.

  3. I tried to watch the video without being enraged. Just more Molyneux crap. Plus he should really script what he is going to say, its like listening to the drunk ramblings of a local wino.

    They obviously had no idea what was going to be inside when they started, in fact they don’t seem to have much idea now. Make up the rules for what? I may actually buy Godus, but if there is some stupid system when some 18 year old kid can start a tornado then I wont bother.

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