LEGO Breaking Bad Game – It’s Not Real, But It Should Be

This isn’t real, it’s a mock-up video by one Brian Anderson, but it’s wonderful.

For fans of both the LEGO games and the sublime Breaking Bad TV series, the above four and a half minutes should be heavenly.

There’s almost zero chance of this ever becoming a proper licensed game, but stranger things have happened with the recent LEGO franchise.

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  1. That is possibly the best thing on the internet. Fantastically made and captures the show really well.

  2. Fantastic! Attention to detail is brilliant,the pizza was even on the roof :-)

    • Noticed that. Brilliant.

      Roll on August!

  3. That is class, whoever made this gets a big high five from me!

  4. I’m sad that this isn’t real! It would have my money in an instant!

  5. I miss that show, brilliant video :)

  6. This is awesome!

  7. I’m a huge BB fan, and love Lego games too. This would be so cool!

  8. Great! Would never work though, too much awesome in one place like that cannot be contained!

  9. Fantastic job , my favourite TV show just about ever.

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