“Men’s Room Mayhem”, Your PS Vita Game From The Ex-Studio Liverpool Team

When Sony closed down Studio Liverpool, four members of the team formed Sawfly Studios (interview here) – and the studio’s first output has been announced: it’s a PS Vita, iOS and Android game called Men’s Room Mayhem, due for release in a matter of weeks.


“Men’s Room Mayhem takes toilet gaming to a whole new level,” says the press release. “In this frantic line drawing game based around men’s room etiquette you take on the role of the janitor & guide your patrons around the men’s room.”

“You need pinpoint precision & strategic steering to get your patrons to use urinals, toilet cubicles and sinks whilst avoiding fights and having nasty little accidents. As the waves increase the patrons pile up fast. Extra points are scored for maintaining proper men’s room etiquette as well as for demonstrating good personal hygiene.”

We’d hoped to get hands on with the game before the reveal, but sadly this didn’t happen. From the screen we’re guessing it plays like Flight Control.

“When the opportunity to work with the ex-Studio Liverpool guys at Sawfly Studios came along we jumped at the chance to involve them, and we are absolutely delighted with the results,” said Phil Gaskell, Creative Director & Co-Founder at Ripstone, who are publishing the game.



  1. Be interesting to see if drawing lines of piss can work out for them where making a cracking racer failed.

    • Nailed it.

      Hardly a great project in my eyes and this certainly doesn’t interest me

      • Nor me, also….

        “You need pinpoint precision…”

        Pretty much makes it useless on Vita then, going by some pretty awful touch-screen responses at times (Uncharted, Escape Plan).

  2. This looks like it’ll be a piece of piss! Sorry, my jokes are crap, it’s just hard to watch ex-Studio Liverpool go down the pan.

    I’ll get my coat.

  3. I’m.. I…. no. Really? What?

    Some things should never be turned in to game. Taking a shit is one of them.

  4. They should think of an other title, cause with this title I immediately think of hardcore gay porn.

    But this can also be one of the main reasons why someone would buy it.There is nothing wrong with being gay.

    • There is well know gay porn video studio called “Men’s Room”

      • Well known amongst those of us interested in gay porn perhaps! ;o)

        Never heard of it myself….

  5. So basically it’s Diner Dash but in the john. Weird. Can see it appearing on Plus before very long.

  6. They should have just called it Bladder Control WC :)

  7. Not exactly my cup of tea in more ways than one. :p

  8. totally sexist, where’s the womens then? >_<

    and damn, are all mens toilets that filthy?

    and do blokes always need a janitor to show you where to point? ^_^

    mind you though, being a vita game, you could theoretically play it on the toilet, probably the perfect place to play to get you in the mood.

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