Sony’s E3 Press Conference Timed And Dated

This year’s E3 Expo is looking like being the biggest one since 2005. New consoles to get hands on with, new games to try – it’s going to be huge.

Part of the biggest draw for E3 are the publisher and platform holder press conferences before it all kicks off – this year that’s when we’ll see the new PS4 console and get much more information on everyone’s next-gen plans.


Sony announced their date and time overnight, apparently, it’s on Monday (June 10th) at 6pm in the evening, Pacific Time – so middle of the night in the UK.

That makes the schedule so far:

  • Microsoft – Monday June 10th @ 9:30AM PT (Galen Center)
  • Ubisoft – Monday, June 10th @ 1PM PT (Unknown)
  • EA – Monday, June 10th @ 3PM PT (Unknown)
  • Sony – Monday June 10th @ 6PM PT (Unknown)

We booked our spots in Sony’s conference last week, looks like it’s time to fire off some emails and see about the others. Expect EA to announce theirs soon.



  1. Looking forward to the live streams for these :)

  2. So I guess I will take a day of vacation for my birthday after all so I can sleep in after watching the Sony conference. :D
    Microsoft’s conference starts after work so I’ll be able to watch them all. Future wife will not be pleased. xD

    • Is your on the 11th too? I’m on my days off on the 10th and 11th, I was thinking similarly, but instead a lazy birthday lie in with the conference on and maybe a fresh game to get my teeth into while the missus is at work. Ideal!

      • Yes! June is the Birthday month for me. My best friend on the 8th (also his twin sister), my brother 17th, missus 20th (and her twin sister… bowchickabowow), cousin also on the 11th and other cousin on the 27th. Then there are another 5 random friends with a June birthday.

        I have Remember Me on pre order so I might give that a spin but with the newly bough 3DS there are enough games to keep me happy regardless.

      • Wow that’s an expensive month then! Gets all the spending out of the way though :) I was thinking of getting Grid 2 for myself, it would’ve been GTA if it hasn’t slipped, ah well. I look forward to our mutual happy birthday wishing on the big day haha.

    • June 19th for me.
      Happy birthday to us! :p

  3. I feel Sony are doing everything in their power to take the lime light away from MS but I look forward to both! I’m curious to see what the deal is with the EA & MS bet it’s FIFA now going to MS as the main console to play it on lol

  4. Sony conference at silly o’clock in the morning again :-(
    Damn those Japanese and Americans with there inconsiderate timezone crap ;-)

  5. Been waiting for these times, I booked time off work so I can watch the steams live for these, last year I was wrecked after staying up until 3am.

    • Good thinking – i think i’ll try and blag the day off too! :)

  6. I hve my last uni exam on the 11th so I won’t be able to watch it :(

  7. I’m so happy I’m finishing my exams this month!

  8. Pretty busy day there, or middle of the night for us.

  9. Hope I can manage to stay awake for Sony’s conference. Is TSA doing a live stream??

  10. Oh Bollox LoL:D Can’t they stick MS show at 2AM(UK time) instead of the SONY’s show :-/ (Well i think 6PM US = 2AM UK time) I couldn’t care less about the MS show but will have to stay up for the SONY show then. Oh well.

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