Michael Biehn On Blood Dragon: Ubisoft Have “Got A Sequel In Mind”

Ubisoft’s experimental take on 80’s pop culture with their Far Cry 3 spin-off Blood Dragon has seen sales of five times the expected levels from the publisher. It’s a kooky, off-centre game, self referential and soaked in retro humour, and has connected well with gamers.

And so, a sequel’s likely.

Indeed, the game’s lead Michael Biehn has all but confirmed one. Speaking to Xbox mouthpiece Major Nelson [via] Biehn said that Dean Evans, the game’s creative director “was with me on the phone last night”, adding he was “pretty jacked up” and talking about “a meeting today”.

“I think he wants to turn it into some sort of franchise,” Biehn adds. “He’s got a sequel in mind.”

According to the interview, Dean Evans has lots of ideas for any potential sequel, including different time periods and locations.

Blood Dragon scored 7/10 in our review.


  1. Just finished Far Cry 3 this weekend and I can’t wait to play this. Unfortunately my internet thinks I CAN wait. 9PM… 52%. 11PM… 71%. Damn internet :-/ Glad to hear it’s doing well anyway. That’s always good news.

  2. Silly of me to realise (just checked on Steam) that Blood Dragon is stand alone. I thought BD looked super because it was such a brilliant and unique idea to go back to an 80s perspective on modern day. Hence I’m not surprised people have been drawn in to it.

    Maybe a 50s perspective on alien invasions of earth might something popular, or a 70s view of the 22nd century.

  3. It’s good but not worth a franchise. As one off DLC it’s great but there’s not really enough content for Blood Dragon let alone a full AAA game.

  4. hmm. I’m enjoying it but I don’t think it would do as well as a full franchise. It works well as a one-off as it’s something different. Repeating it would just dilute the experience. Also, they’d have to add more variety to the gameplay if they plan on doing a sequel.

  5. I was so hyped for this. Thought it was a great idea and was certain I’d buy it as soon as it dropped. Then for some reason, I downloaded the demo first, and to be honest, I was a bit disappointed. Is the full game significantly better than the demo?

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